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Today, while babysitting I decided to play with a children's puzzle to pass the time. Fifteen minutes in I gave up. The kid then came over and put it together in less than five. There were only ten pieces. FML
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you were the kid always trying to put the square shapes in the circle holes weren't you?

Somebody never had a good education.


Somebody never had a good education.

Do you sound like " A DIRRRRH" all day too?

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66 it's obvious its 2 ferrets in a box shaped like a heart. nothing weird about that. wait...

you sir, are an idiot . way to get rocked by a child.

shoot I didn't mean to post this here, sorry for looking like an attention whee who just replies to the first comment...

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Maybe some people just aren't good at puzzles, not having anything to do with their education.

yep op doesn't even know how to spell *than

they spelt it right, i think you just don't know how to read. but maybe op missed out on an education cos her principal was spending all the school's money on happens.

moderators can change spelling. it could've been "then" and was changed to "than"

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Good one, bluegoldfish, I liked the story of the principal that had no principles.

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Puzzles aren't for everyone I agree, but they were only 10 pieces!

ah kids that dropped out of school, so sad.

Love your profile pic! We've had ferrets for years!

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just another piece in the puzzle of life

OP probably still struggles with Blue's Clues.

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Seriously? "the kid than came over..." Sounds totally off. 5 is greater than 3 would be a way to use it were u drunk ? maybe there were actually 5 pieces :C

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Yet another child left behind...

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Really? Really?! If you're gonna call someone retarded, check your spelling before insulting someone. Idiot.

haha there is irony in you calling OP retarded

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idiot, it's not retarded, that's insulting.. corrected term is mentally challenge... learn not to insult.

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everyones's an expert huh? losers.

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The irony is that 10 used the 'word' "gonna." Touché.

Her retarded what? The suspense is killing me.

in French retard means slow so it's not such a bad thing

140 the definition of retard in English is slow as well.

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Damn this comment wall is FULL of grammar nazi's

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@69 - I hope you were joking. Because if not you can take your political correctness and shove it up your ass. Censorship is wrong. I'll insult whoever I want! The OP is STOOPID!

retarded is the proper term although it can be used incorrectly. Mental retardation is the correct term, "mentally challenged" is the socially acceptable term.

they prefer to be called little people...

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learn how to spell stupid of your gonna tell someone there stupid!

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I purposely misspelt stupid, you know... as a joke? *sigh*

I love the way half of the people calling other people stupid spell half of what they're trying to say incorrectly. Teehee xD

I read FMLs on my iPod. While I was reading this thread, an ad popped up at the bottom for spelling/grammar check software. I just thought you all should know.

69, I just love how you're telling someone else not to make insults, just after calling said person an idiot. Good job on that hypocrisy.

you were the kid always trying to put the square shapes in the circle holes weren't you?

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I did that! Except it was the triangle into the circle. Hey, it fit...

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Ohhh nooo now that's a disappointment right there. I bet you have trouble in sex too! I bet you think if it ain't square it won't go in the circle ooooooo

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ill bet everyone who read127's comment read it in the guy in the pictures voice

Ya... You're right! I lol'd when I read your comment.

yeah I think she was that kinda kid. don't make fun maybe she is dislecsic

Dyslexia makes it difficult to read words, not difficult to see images.

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it's funny how so many people don't know what dyslexia is and continue to use the word any way. well, no, actually it's kind of sad now that I think about it... that's almost as bad as when someone told me they thought the word ditz meant carefree and free-spirited. people these days.

to 227: me too. learn a word before you say it. most people use "ignorant" wrong - a lot of people think it means rude, but it actually means, in an easy sense, stupid. it means not knowledgable about something, naive.

244 thanks for the vocabulary lesson I'll b sire to tune in for the Geo lesson next week

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The trick is to force them to fit.

89 sorry but you meant 22. 21 replied to number 7's post who was in "reply" to number 1's post. Sorry I wanted to corrected you before someone else did and call you very unkind names. Not me call you unkind names but the other someone who corrects me.

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I thought that was just in sex.

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95 just laugh at joke its the internet. ppl who have nothing better to do than do wat ur doing are trolls (kinda wat i am rite now lol) but still.... no one cares about it being 22 instead of 21.

214 I know but I didn't want a troll to come and just say random ******** stuff just for a flame war to go on. Also two people did it 8)

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It's so funny how you wanted to correct him and yet the grammar was off, but at least you spelled corrected right. LOL

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I like how I didn't even realize that the letters were not in order.

I didn't usnatdernd #59 bceause the 1st and lsat lteter have to be the smae, see?

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I think you mean short attention span not tension span.

heatherbaby91 3

I think you mean attention span not tension span. fail on your part.

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Hehe. OP's just getting it all wrong today.

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You took the words right out of my mouth.

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Don't give up your day job.