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  bluegoldfish  |  7

they spelt it right, i think you just don't know how to read. but maybe op missed out on an education cos her principal was spending all the school's money on happens.

By  Redbirdmike  |  0

Your retarded

  sxe_beast  |  11

@69 - I hope you were joking. Because if not you can take your political correctness and shove it up your ass. Censorship is wrong. I'll insult whoever I want!


  wordnerd42  |  0

I read FMLs on my iPod. While I was reading this thread, an ad popped up at the bottom for spelling/grammar check software. I just thought you all should know.

  hook_em  |  0

Ohhh nooo now that's a disappointment right there. I bet you have trouble in sex too! I bet you think if it ain't square it won't go
in the circle ooooooo

  tweetbaby14  |  17

it's funny how so many people don't know what dyslexia is and continue to use the word any way. well, no, actually it's kind of sad now that I think about it... that's almost as bad as when someone told me they thought the word ditz meant carefree and free-spirited. people these days.

  BuhxritNAYY  |  5

to 227: me too. learn a word before you say it. most people use "ignorant" wrong - a lot of people think it means rude, but it actually means, in an easy sense, stupid. it means not knowledgable about something, naive.

  MrSassypants  |  32

89 sorry but you meant 22. 21 replied to number 7's post who was in "reply" to number 1's post. Sorry I wanted to corrected you before someone else did and call you very unkind names. Not me call you unkind names but the other someone who corrects me.


95 just laugh at joke
its the internet. ppl who have nothing better to do than do wat ur doing are trolls (kinda wat i am rite now lol) but still.... no one cares about it being 22 instead of 21.