By seatle girl - 28/06/2016 00:43 - France - Les Mureaux

Today, my six-year-old daughter organized a treasure hunt… for our cat. She hid the contents of an entire bag of cat food all around the house. FML
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That's so sweet, the cat will have hours of fun..


That's so sweet, the cat will have hours of fun..

So what's the problem? Seems fine to me.

Good cat food isnt that cheap so its a waste to use that much when the cat won't even eat it

It will feed the mice- should the cat not find it

anlong93 9

"Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants!"

Hell when I was 6 I played with Lego's and watched Tom and Jerry. If she can organize a treasure hunt for a cat, kudos to you!

Would love that kind of an adventure in my life.

Hahaha, I did that when I was little, but it was for our dog with her toys... It's been about 15 years now, and we still haven't found them all.

blink831forever 13

This made me laugh so hard.

That's absolutely adorable! At least she has an imagination by thinking the cat will participate. And as someone else said- just be glad it wasn't kitty litter!

the only good thing is the cat is getting in his natural instincts