By Anonyme - 29/05/2012 10:19

Today, I went to my first ever job interview, in a totally stressed out state. The employer's first question was: "What's your name?" I forgot. FML
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Interviewer: Do you know why you are here? OP: Umm... Urging... John Smith!!!

Should've said, "sorry, I'm just nervous." It solves 9/10 problems. True Story


sierra142 19

Forgetting your name sucks. That's why I write mine on the back of my hand incase someone asks.

I don't think "no, just no" really works in this situation

lorenzoman77 7

1- miss Mist, I don't think that was very nice :(

17- Great trick! Most people stare at me weird when I have to check my underwear for my name :(

(whispers) Psstt... Op... Its Anonyme....

Did you put your mind in blank like SpongeBob? Like in the episode of Squilliam Returns.

This is completely Normal, once I went to blockbuster with my moms card and the clerk was suspicious so she asked me where I lived. I got the address wrong

Way to play it smooth... The guys I like asked me what my name was the other day. I was very happy he didn't know my name, but I was more disappointed that, even I, couldn't remember. But, life moves on! Sorry OP! ;-) Message me if you got the job! ;-D

That's like when some are so nervous on question 1 on a test. Their own damn name. :P

Interviewer: Do you know why you are here? OP: Umm... Urging... John Smith!!!

Urghhhh became urging. I just got iphowned.

lorenzoman77 7

I don't usually see, but when I do, it's what you did there.

13- that was the most creative way of saying 'I see what you did there' I've seen on this site. Claps for you sir

lorenzoman77 7

*elvis voice* thank ya, thank ya very much.

28- 'Claps for you' Do you mean that physicaly or physicaly? If you know what I mean.

54- "Physically" is the word and "The Clap" is the term.

tjv3 10

You will learn in time to relax be yourself . If they like you then yea you got the job if not move on

MeLuvBewbs 7

At least Op didn't say, "24." :) spongebob

blondebrunette11 4

Next time wear those tags that say "Hello. my name is..."

Nice to meet you 'I forgot'. I have to admit that's a very original name :P

(45) Oh my, that was bad ^ Forgive me. I guess I have to go buy "Humor for Dummies" .

Employer: Good afternoon. I'd like to start by asking: what is your name? You forgot to shed it in on your resumé. OP: Ummm...ah, *thinking to self* dammit Jessica. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?? *gets up* I CANT DO THIS! I'M UNDERQUALIFIED!! *Runs away in shame* That's a damn shame OP. You practiced in the mirror, but nothing could prepare you for the ultimate question. Well, the second ultimate question, the first being: How is your day going?

I think you meant "send it in..." ;)

Yeah i did... Missed it until the last second :).

Although it was a pretty funny scene in my head... Employer: You forgot to shed it in on your resumé. OP: I.. Uhm.. Wait, what was the question?

4 - That scenario sounds exactly like both times I tried out for the school play. I have wicked bad stage fright.

Should've said, "sorry, I'm just nervous." It solves 9/10 problems. True Story

lorenzoman77 7

Best believe it OP. When someone says true story, it means business. Like the time my mom said she saw what I did last weekend, true story. She really meant it..

That tenth problem it doesn't solve is in an interrogation room as a suspect for murder.

I must say I've never seen a blonde deer

cheetahbaby96 8

Oh doe. These puns are getting rideerculous. You have to be elking me.

MarisaCB 16

Elking? Am I the only one that cannot get "elking" out of "kidding"?

lorenzoman77 7

Don't sweat it OP, that happens to a lot of people, especially if it's for a big company. I'm sure the interviewer went through the same things and will forgive you. I hope you get the job! Cheers.

Considering she forgot her name, I can't imagine the rest of the interview would have gone too spectacularly.. Treat it as practice op. Practice makes perfect!

yeah but nobody is perfect. so why practice?

lorenzoman77 7

68- now who is saying that? You or the bible?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

"Bond..James Bond." It's better than blurting out "Your mom!!" anyway.

"Oh na na, what's my name?" "I....just asked that. Are you supposed to know?" "Sorry, Chris Brown is my new boyfriend."

"Explains those two black eyes you have."

Sounds like you need more confidence if you were so stressed/nervous that you forgot your own name

peachesncreem 21

You need to learn to relax OP! Hopefully you recovered from that introduction and were able to continue with the interview.

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Haha, that ninja stuff is pretty funny. What's yours ninja name? Got to be good aye?