By Benji - 22/01/2009 12:06 - France

Today, my 19 year old girlfriend dumped me because she thinks I'm immature. I'm 30. FML
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I think I know who this is.... the girlI'mm into has a sisterwho'ss 19 who broke up with her 30 year oldbff for a 25 year old...

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Jesus Christ! Date someone your own age.

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yeah pervert

my mom is 51 my dad is 40 nbd FYL

I think I know who this is.... the girlI'mm into has a sisterwho'ss 19 who broke up with her 30 year oldbff for a 25 year old...

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I think I know this girl too. Was the 25 year old a bartender?

Guys this isn't very uncommon. You're thinking of different people.

hahaha you dont know these people your on crack

Actually, the bartender girl, I know her. Her names Noelle.

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some of us try sorta

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No we don't.... Deal with it or gtfo.... :3

We never grow up. We just act like adults when we are forced to.

No our toys just get more expensive

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See #7's equation. That equation is something everyone should live by, and strive to stay well above at your age.

The equation is: divide your age in half and add 7. That tells you the youngest age you can date. You have to be 13 or older for it to make sense. Obviously it gets creepier as you get older, but it still works.

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gotta love sexist fat guys.

Awww, he's just upset because he is the ugliest fattest ************ in the universe and even prostitutes won't sleep with him

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don't feed the troll, he looks like he's eaten enough already

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don't wanna grow up, huh? is that youre clutching a stuffed animal in your picture?

Just pointing out i'm pretty sure the picture is of the world famous baby man. He sleeps in a crib and is spoon fed. Check it out on youtube. Just felt I should shed some light on the pic.

Skill up 'tards. Once physical maturity occurs who the **** are you to decide how young or old someone has to be for someone else to date them? If a 19 year old is saying this guy is immature, you're really suggesting he dates someone older and thus more likely to be mature? Goooooood idea genius.

1. it's really sad when a 30 year old guy has to be with a 19 year old 2 be happy... 2. maturity doesn't have anything to do with age but a man is expected to start maturing between 25-30 and 3. @ #3... YOU sound immature, bitching about the girl, calling her a *****, just because she feels this guy wasn't the right guy for her??? THAT'S immature! u don't even know her and yet you're bitching and acting like u do! truly pathetic

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It's really sad that people look at age and criticize someone's happiness. Who the **** gives a single shit about how old someone's significant other is as long as they're happy. Age says absolutely nothing about anyone.

I'd love seeing you in an argument 22. No offense if it seems that way, but you seem like the type to make it very interesting

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Age is just a number. Maybe he just wasn't the right guy...

And prison is just a room , but not in this case

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And a jail cell is just a room

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Newsflash: once you're 18, you're legal and free to date anyone you want. Even 80-year-olds, if you're into that. It's not illegal and you're just being a dick.

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than it probably is true :p