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Today, mom was so upset when she found out that she is having another granddaughter that she wants us to pay her back for the little boy clothes that she bought before the sex of the baby was known. FML
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She should be glad there is a baby at all! You can't control the sex, I hope it's healthy! Good luck!

Tell her "Sure, we'll take it out of your nursing home fund".


She should be glad there is a baby at all! You can't control the sex, I hope it's healthy! Good luck!

Why don't you just give the old bitch the cloths back, can't she return them?

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wow she really didn't want another girl.

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Not completely true you can choose the sex of the baby if you decide to have it artificially implanted.

10- Yes I know, but I don't think that is the scenario here.

that's so old fashioned. "I want a male child." I hate people that do that. Female children are children too

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@7 - Very few people in this world posses the amount of common sense you do. No one thinks of the obvious thing...

i had to read this so many times for it to make sense.

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7- There are not many people that possess the amount of common sense that you do. A lot people couldn't even begin to fathom to do the obvious thing.

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Damn what and bad combo weirdo and a bitch

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Haha. I never saw my first post, so I reposteD XD. Sorry for double post :|

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Never suggested it was part of this scenario was just stating a fact regsworld11. Anyway the grandmother should be happy about getting another grandchild instead of trying to make her daughter pay her back for her own foolish spending.

I use to throw my baby shoes towards my mother as a child. Now that I am a soon to be father, she wont give 'em back.

Iv heard that if the pregnant women stays in a room with a temperature above 26 degrees than it's a boy if it's below than it's a female. Or was that turtles......?

this is why you always buy green and yellow baby stuff, unisex

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71, my sister didn't find out the sex of my nephew until she gave birth. At the baby shower, everyone bought green and yellow. Let me just say, she got so tired of strangers asking if he was a boy or girl, over and over and went out to purchase blue clothing for him. (:

Dress the baby girl in the clothes anyway to spite the mother.

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your mom is crazy. bitch her out!

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That's turtles, and aligators...

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was that confusing to anyone else?

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Picture + comment = hilarious.

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Ever heard of unisex clothing??

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they could just dress the girl up as a boy and have her sexually and emotionally scarred for life.. no biggie!

Well, tell her she had a 50/50 chance of buying the right clothing

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OP's mom, either should have waited to buy clothes, or, bought something yellow, or green, which aren't gender specific! It would have made more sense.

Color wouldn't help if the clothes says "baby boy" on it.

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Have you ever thought of transgenders?

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congratulations (by the way)! Just further explaining my comment--- I'm saying trans go through the same thing with the clothes because you buy it all for one gender and then it gets swapped up on you. your mom shouldn't make you do that! That's her problem!

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Abort it and try again later.

Your name befits your comment. Edit: Dangit, they moderated his retarded statement... Sad panda.

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Kill the baby!!!!!! And eat it's face!!!!!!!!

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It's to late for an abortion and why would they want to abort it simply cause the grandmother wasn't satisfied with it being a girl? What intrigues me more is why you would suggest it in such a situation..

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24 - read that above comment ^ I didn't want it to come out the wrong way. because people didn't take it the way I expected.

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Or, she could just donate them to like the goodwill or something...?

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Yeah! That's what I was thinking. Or save it for the next child.

Don't pay it, it's not your fault! Your mom is crazy

Well atleast she is not dancing the hustle naked right?

Her fault for buying that stuff so early. What a ridiculous demand. Say no! But ..Congratulations(:

Her fault. If she still has the receipts for it and it's unopened, she can always return it. Unless the place has restrictions unlike Kohle's. ; )

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She's a little phsyco, ehh?

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Me too(: Anthony is my favorite! But, both of them are hilarious!! I wish I could havenlich with them, like on lunchtime with smosh, it'd be epic... Just saying!

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Smosh is awesome. Anyone who likes smosh is instantly awesome

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Stuner56, I could agree more(: we are instantly awesome:D