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That actually wasn't the reason. The mother was the one that decided on the name, not my dad. She did it so that he could leave my mom and me without 'losing' anything.
By redbluegreen - / Sunday 9 August 2009 09:26 / United States
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  TempestJones  |  0

OMG LMAO at #13's comment!!!! Hahaha... it's so funny cause it's so true!!!! ROFL

Seriously though OP, suckage for you... I'm truely sorry for ya, but just remember, you were the first! you were so awesome your dad had to have you again!!!! lols...

  spoo  |  23

I am in a very sarcastic mood and tempted to come up with a funny reason to click YDI it, but this is definitely a cake taking FML. My passive aggressive nature is failing to come up with a get back at him... :( FYL for sure

  max_wilder  |  9

Actually in a really fucked up and twisted way naming you two the same name is kind of smart, he will never mix up names keeping his affair somewhat discrete.

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