By redbluegreen - 09/08/2009 09:26 - United States

Today, I found out that not only has my father been cheating on my mother with another woman, but they have a child together with the same name as me. FML
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redbluegreen tells us more.

That actually wasn't the reason. The mother was the one that decided on the name, not my dad. She did it so that he could leave my mom and me without 'losing' anything.

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Why do people click You deserved it? She doesn't.


FTW. Nice one. This FML is messed up.

No.. the other child would be a son of a bitch.

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no, the child wouldn't be a SON of a bitch unless the WOMAN who wrote this FML has an androgynous name in which case maybe the other kid is a boy...

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59 - You don't know the definition of a bastard, do you?

Sadistmonkey was pointing out that since the OP is a female, the other child with the same name is probably also female.

the other child couldnt control being born for christs sake!!

aint a bastard someone who was born without the parents being married

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OMG LMAO at #13's comment!!!! Hahaha... it's so funny cause it's so true!!!! ROFL Seriously though OP, suckage for you... I'm truely sorry for ya, but just remember, you were the first! you were so awesome your dad had to have you again!!!! lols...


130 yes. the parnets could had used birth control or a condom and if they did have a child they could have at least given it a diffrent name.

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141 a bastard is a child born with no father to claim them as his child.

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Not true. A bastard is a child born out of wedlock. It doesn't matter if the father sticks around or not. What matters is if the parents are married.

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Hahahahaha. Sucks big time. I guess he never forgot your name. Hope she isn't the same age.

Or a different gender?.. Although that would be more of a FML for her father's other kid.

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In a recent FML , she stated her name was rachel, so if he half sister (she also said) was a boy, that would suck o_o;;

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He did that to avoid the awkward moment when he called one the wrong name

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Why do people click You deserved it? She doesn't.

I am in a very sarcastic mood and tempted to come up with a funny reason to click YDI it, but this is definitely a cake taking FML. My passive aggressive nature is failing to come up with a get back at him... :( FYL for sure

She didn't live up to her dads expectations.

I often do it on accident while scrolling trough fml. Not on purpose for this kind of post but yeah, it happens

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yeah people just click that for the hell of it , i swear

wow thats messed up. ur dad sucks! FYL

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What sort of ****** up person does that? I'd hate my dad forever if he did that. Not just the cheating - another child with the same name? Jesus Christ! FYL. Big time.

my dad did dat 2 my mom, but he's still my dad so hay u cant blame her if she still has contact w/ him

You should just kick your dad's ass for the sake of it. You know you want to.