By inconnue - 18/03/2013 22:34 - France - Lyon

Today, it was my first time with my boyfriend, at his house, in his Dora the Explorer sheets. FML
I agree, your life sucks 445
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Who doesn't love Dora? She taught me Spanish!

Don't you get it? He wants you to explore & find 'it'. Be adventurous ;)


Who doesn't love Dora? She taught me Spanish!

Vamos a intercourse! JAJAJA

hahahaha 27, you just made my day a little bit better

I aim to please :)

Good one 27 lol but that's kinda childish tho

I only said it cuz it was relevant to the fml brah, I'm 19 it ain't all about poop, fart, and sex jokes for me anymore, except when appropriate of course

Dude don't get me wrong I wasn't talking about you I was talking about op your joke was funny but the op is childish

Oh fasho brah gotta be more careful with the words though cuz I didn't thumb you down but apparently 15 other ppl thought you were insulting me haha


purplexpinapple 11

The only thing Dora taught me was "Swiper no swiping!"

It's a french FML and in the french version of Dora she teaches us english (not spanish) :)

twaumat 28

I hate dora -.-

Tots she doesn't even know how to say things right

Quadroblitz 10

It is one the most irritating shows EVER. I mean, just because it's a show for little kids doesn't mean the acting should be so awful. I just wanna strangle the little shit.

ExiledRemixx 13

I hate Dora the explorer just saying. I learned nothing.

Don't you get it? He wants you to explore & find 'it'. Be adventurous ;)

Mister_Triangle 21

Can you find the clitorous?.............that's right!

Or explore deeper. X marks the G-Spot! ***For some reason, I now have "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" Stuck in my head. :P

Brilliant comment, #50, only now I can't get that song out of my head...

50- You're the only person I've run across who is worse than me about quoting song lyrics as responses and reference. You're the reason I don't do it on this site. I could never compete! Lol. I do it in conversation though. The looks I get, sometimes... Love it! Keep them coming. ;)

jessicajackson_fml 8

Well **** the people who hate dora

Justy101 23

You could have moved things to the couch if you had such a problem with it..

AbstraktThoughts 13

Did you guys explore on his bed?

You're probably way too young to be having sex if your boyfriend has Dora sheets.

LuckBeNimble 19

I'm about 3 weeks out until I'm 21 and I have a set Power Ranger sheets. they were cheap and they fit my bed, what more could I ask for?

acerima 11

#7 How right you are. They are either physically or at the least emotionally too immature to have sex.

Why does having Dora the expert sheets make someone mentally immature? I can't sleep on a pillow unless my Pokemon pillow case is on it. And I've had the same panda bear blanket since I was 8. My brother is 25 and still has his power ranger sheets, he got them as a kid and they never got to the point where they were ruined so he uses them sometimes. Sheets are just sheets. They don't really say much about whether or not someone is mentally mature.

It depends who you date. Some girls are cool with fun silly sheets, others are would call him a child and go sleep with a man with real sheets like ivory Egyptian cotton. The experiences you have will affect the choices you make in the future. No one is right or wrong they all just have a preference.

jem970 19

I am 20 and I got flannel sock monkey sheets for christmas this year and I LOVE them.

Probably lives at home, with sisters, had no other sheets at the time he or his mom changed them hahah.

Swiper no swiping!

Ohhhh maaan

It's all fun and games until swiper comes along.

PandaKitteh 20

And sneakily swipes your virginity away.

KareBear7364 5

Well better than Bob the Builder wouldn't ya say?

That's low! I'm actually lying on Bob the Builder sheets right now! No joke!

You know, that's pretty aDORAble.

That's the name of the Dora perfume!

To be fair he was exploring. So yeah, you shouldn't complain.