By whoops - 08/07/2015 16:30 - Taiwan

Today, while visiting family in Taipei, I came across a large button that said "PUSH" on it. I was curious and pushed it. A deafening alarm then sounded for the next 10 minutes, attracting concerned neighbours and finally a security guard who informed me that I'd pushed a panic button. FML
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There's no way you didn't deserve this.

The OP did not deserve it. What else does someone do when faced with a big button that says push with no other information? Clearly the only option is to listen to the button.

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Well, if by "someone" you mean someone like OP they obviously would push it, anybody with common sense would ask what it did if they were that curious though.

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Op never said it was red - annoying people

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It's a joke #29- get over yourself.

I ALWAYS push big red buttons. Buttons are made for pushing. UnU

ALWAYS...thumbs up didn't do the justice

Especially if it says "PUSH" like this one.

They say that the red button is a silent siren that beckons to us all.

Unless it's the "easy" button from Staples.

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It sure is funny how mass psychology works. One guy points out a faulty technicality and he is flamed for not "Getting the joke." In other situations, the inverse is true: one guy is flamed for "joking the joke for others to get" and is flamed by everyone who points out a technicality, such as "not red" in this case.

I thought panic buttons weren't supposed to make you panic!

I don't see why people dislike comments, there's nothing wrong...

@57 a troll probably disliked it and everybody else followed for no reason.

Just because you could, does not mean you should.

Yeah, but it's a button. It's like when there are buttons it is not will it be pushed, but when and by whom. It looks like OP gave in to the temptations.

The way I see it, OP was just following the instructions on the button.

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Well, buttons are meant to be pushed.

Your name is Dee Dee right? "Ooh what does this button do?"

There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Cartoons!

but there is such thing as too many capitals

There is also such thing as not enough capitals.

i Prefer margo Roth speiglemen's random Capitalization over Capitalizing Every Freaking Word Making My Mind Want To Kill Itself

At least it wasn't the nuclear war start button.

I feel as though you don't know how jokes work.