By Anonymous - 10/02/2012 22:17 - Canada

Today, I was looking through some old family photos. I don't know what the hell was going on in my head, but I idly double-tapped on one to zoom in. They were prints. FML
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Ah, the effects of technology...

Unless you tried to swipe your finger across the picture to look at the next one, you'll be fine.


Ah, the effects of technology...

Subconsciously, everything is an iPhone.

TorturedXeno 27

Or an iPad.

Or an itouch

it's all good, OP. sometimes i'll actually say "LOL" or when i spell something wrong or say something ungrammatically correct, i'll yell out "damn autocorrect!"

31 that sounds like a personal issue

iPaid. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

Hey, it's better than the lady who found that the car-door opener stopped working due to dead batteries, and called up someone to break into her car. The guy comes only to find that she has the door opener on the same keyring as her car keys... Technology does strange things to us.

IDK about you but I usually pinch to zoom in

#64 Sounds like she wants some attention.

31...what the fuck is 'ungramatically'?


They were trying to zoom in on a printed picture they were holding.

iPhone dumbass

I didn't get it either

KendalKeller 3

How is this even an FML?

And thus heralds the downfall of western civilization.

I agree. And then when we r old it will be motion censer holograms and computers will not be in exist any more

It happens to the best of us.

how would you know your not the best

No, it doesnt! If it's happened to you, you're probably not the best.

No, it happens to the dumba... people who spend to much time with technology for there own good.

112, you said there instead of their. Shut up.

112, if you're on FML then you're probably spending too much time with technology, so by that logic, you're one of the "dumba people". Just saying.

I average about 6 hours of videogames a night and have yet to say "lol", "omg" or preform any other tech-related action in real life.... I know this is going to get thumbed down, but I wanted to say these people have no excuse whatsoever.

Your life sucks man


I was gonna say you suck 6 but then I looked at your username. I am gonna need my life back though, you took it away from me.

Th question isn't of if TheInternet (the user, in case it wasn't obvious) sucks or not. The question is what does TheInternet suck on? And how well does TheInternet suck on said things?

someone is slightly obsessed with their phone... bro, sometimes you need to unplug.

Makes me wonder of anyone on here uses Android compared to I IPhone

I'll be the stupid one and ask if someone could explain this FML to me?

ya i dont get it either will someone please explain?

Same here haha

I get it now. Sorry guys! I read it wrong.

On an iPod or iPhone, you double tap to zoom in on an image. It doesn't work to well with printed pictures.

On the iPhone (and other touchscreen phones I guess) you can tap the screen twice to zoom in on photos

Well I still don't get it :/

He/she tapped on a physical printout photo, probably used to using an iPhone

18 - thanks I didn't know that

U learn something new every day

We live in a technology controlled world.


We live in a world controlled by corporations.* Fixed it for you

Unless you tried to swipe your finger across the picture to look at the next one, you'll be fine.

As long as they're stacked, that one will actually work.