By Anonymous - 23/02/2011 18:46 - United States

Today, I spent my remaining cash on a doctor's visit, only to find out that at the age of 22, I'm getting major health problems brought on by stress. I came home to relax, only to find out my roommate can't pay his rent, and needs me to cover for him so we don't get evicted. FML
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Lufferkinz 0

Hole in your pocket... literally

How do you have sex with a shit? Please demonstrate.


Lufferkinz 0

Hole in your pocket... literally

meowmeowwkitty 0

nice blue waffle

dusty209 0

kick his shit out and tell him goodbye. hes got to learn to take care of himself

#1 you should really google blue waffle, then maybe consider a different colour.

Nice picture, #1. :P

Get well soon and relax, smoke a bit, go do free shit in your town,

Do smoking and 'doing shit' make you feel better? Doing that shit will indeed get you in some shit, my friend.

How do you have sex with a shit? Please demonstrate.

get drunk. it's amazing how your problems just disappear

SirEBC 7

Do you happen to be living with the guy in the story above this one?? 0_0

all4pooh 4

Hmmm could be

lol good one

I keep thinking you really are the dude in your picture

I wish I was as cool as you

Time to get an actual professional career and stop working piss ant jobs for chump change.

aww, that sucks. I feel bad for you. well that's why I live in Canada and we don't have to pay when we go to the doctors.

Lufferkinz 0

Well, combined with milk-in-a-bag and your bacon which is really just ham, I wanna live in Canada now.

lol, the milk in the bag is only on the East coast. Otherwise we just have boring old four litre jugs!

I live in Newfoundland we have milk in cartons thank you very much. maybe in pei they do...

I've never seen milk in a bag so shut it

MyChemical_fml 0

There's bagged milk in Ontario.. But cartons also exist here.. Stop hating :(

Seabass732 0

don't forget curling! the best sport known to man!!!

lol, well sorry. Yeah, they do in Ontario, and when I lived in New Brunswick we had the bags.

cptmorgan15 2

Milk-In-A-Bag is weird. What do Canadians call American bacon? American bacon??

59 - No, we call strip bacon "bacon". The meat on an egg McMuffin from McDonalds is called "Canadian bacon" here.

SirEBC 7

I get the feeling that iStoleTheCookies is Boners' alternate account..

and everybody loves it!