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  juicedboi  |  7

At least there was no pictures of his wife naked, or worse involving goats and such. Saves you that awkward silence which will then lead to him inviting you out for drinks cause you are now 'pals', and you can keep his secret like a good friend!

  hockeyrocks39  |  0

^^^^^ I was going to comment on the funny quote, in reference to Bin Laden. Way to have a mental break down. are you still crying? Ever been trolled, haha bet you have... The guy was just adding to your joke with "mansion" Big BABY! lol

  sloppyflow  |  1

87 that is a very mental image. his body is probably as hairy as his face with his saggy manboob. (ps. no offends to the Muslim, I wouldnt want to see Obama or bush as a merman either)