By goatvideosarelame - 24/05/2011 07:31 - Singapore

Today, my boss called me into his office to proudly show me about an hour's worth of videos of his recent holiday. The videos were all of goats and cows eating grass outside his window in Pakistan. FML
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Bet it was filled with action, adventure and thrills.

an hour less of work you had to do.... unless you did meaningless things like that for him on a daily basis..


loosers_fml 0

wow waste of time

loosers_fml 0

*Wow, what a waste of time.

Not if he did closeups on their mouths in slo-moo.

PurpleRae420 0

If your not gonna get payed to watch it don't and if he fires you because you don't want to watch his stupid videos then sue his ass and find another job!

futtbuck101 1

Sounds interesting

Was Bin Laden in them? Getting kinky with the goats, perhaps? 

Sounds like F his life... who wants to spend holidays like that?

They have those in Pakistan?

juicedboi 7

At least there was no pictures of his wife naked, or worse involving goats and such. Saves you that awkward silence which will then lead to him inviting you out for drinks cause you are now 'pals', and you can keep his secret like a good friend!

35-- Dude, Pakistan is one of the most rural areas in the world. They has all kinds of livestock and such.

shut up, cows are cool

Pakistan may be rural, but they've got nukes!

Obviously he's into bestiality. He accidently showed you his porn stash.

Your boss needs to get a life.

Op got paid to do nothing for an hour. not a waste of time.

mootoo31 6

smash and bang is my favorite combination!!!!!

I'm more worried about who takes a holiday trip to pakistan..

Osama bin laden does

bezach 0

not a waste of time, he could of seen a horse munching on some shit eventually.

zee_77 0

Firstly, pakistanis would and second u don't know what ur missing till you've been there (screw the media)

feldco1 17

it's not an FML, but I'd definitely rather be working in this situation...

KiddNYC1O 20

I agree, no comment.

So what, your getting paid ya d'bag!

krty402 7

could have been worse:) you never know what you will did with your boss's vacation videos

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I agree 23 it makes no sense. unless he was saying get instead of did? Or hes just creepy and meant do.

an hour less of work you had to do.... unless you did meaningless things like that for him on a daily basis..

I'd rather have worked.

Meaningless things like guarding a parking spot..?

Bet it was filled with action, adventure and thrills.


TheDrifter 23

Now that's a man who knows what a low stress vacation is.

iAmScrubs 19

The last minute if footage showed the US secret service storming a cave in the background.

iAmScrubs 19


actually it was the navy seals and they stormed a mansion not a cave

iAmScrubs 19

Oh.....I guess I'm a bit of an idiot then.

^^^^^ I was going to comment on the funny quote, in reference to Bin Laden. Way to have a mental break down. are you still crying? Ever been trolled, haha bet you have... The guy was just adding to your joke with "mansion" Big BABY! lol

Flutist 3

WHO doesn't know how Bin Laden was captured?

he was captured???? I thought he was dead!!

whoisthisgirl 4

win for 61.

Flutist 3

IDIOTS, they dropped him into the ocean and he became a merman!

87 that is a very mental image. his body is probably as hairy as his face with his saggy manboob. (ps. no offends to the Muslim, I wouldnt want to see Obama or bush as a merman either)

Killerturtle 11

sounds interesting...

no offense or anything but I would rather watch those awsum videos then do work anyday! not much of an fml

Alex94xela 0

did u hear the gun fire on the background?

hthelittleone 10

"in the background" tard.

how does a stereotyping comment count as a 'W.I.N' ?

it doesn't " win".. fucking douchebag if your going to make a racist joke at least make it humorous.