By dancer_2014 - 28/05/2011 12:44 - United States

Today, I was on my first blind date. We went to a fancy restaurant in the middle in the city. After using the bathroom, I came back to an empty table. He stole my purse and left. FML
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A7X_LoVeee 10

Why would you leave your purse with someone you don't know? Try to use more common sense next time.


Tuesdaythe10th 11

You never know what kind of classy guys you'll meet on blind dates

TahoeFMler 22

Dumbass, date or not, you left your purse with a STRANGER! YDI

you should probably cancel your credit cards

simply_improper 1

jus be glad he didnt "roofie" your drink, since you probably left that unattended with him also

This man is a genius! I must now contemplate as many blind dates as I can!

a_nutritionist 10

might i point out its not stupid to leave your purse there, you have access to contact him again and report him...the guy is a dumbass. the fml is the process shes gonna have to go through to get it back, or get revenge. i mean come on, who steals something from someone they know vicariously? especially something as obvious as a purse. for that matter, who the **** steals peoples wallets anyway? i left mine at a restaurant once, went down the road, by the time i got back it was gone (and no i didnt leave it on purpose, i forgot it). what ****** up society do we live in when youve gotta watch your shit 24/7?

a_nutritionist 10

i was referring to the idea of common decency, im aware what wallets contain...

Decency? What's that!? Oh, you mean that thing that's been dead for decades?

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

79- I would take having to watch my shit verses having to worry about being eaten or poached as the rest of the species in the world have to worry about. I can buy a new wallet or purse and earn more money. As for him steal from someone who could figure out all of his basic info doesn't really matter. I had someone steal a laptop from me, I knew where they lived, their number, license plate number, had proof and motive and I have yet to see any reimbursement for the laptop. Unless someone saw him take it at the restaurant or he had some her belongings when the police confronted him there is no was of proving that he did it. He is stupid to do it in such a public area but he could still get away with it easily if no one is willing to be an eye witness. innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty.

PurpleRae420 0

15 love your avitar ok why the **** would you trust this dude you dont even know YDI for leaving it with a stranger IDGAFF who it is I NEVER leave my shit with ANYONE thats what you get I don't even feel sorry for you SMDH

omg OH... IO!! ohio is the best. cincinnati rules! necnec

YDI, OP. Sorry, but leaving your purse with a stranger is a completely dumbass move.

a_nutritionist 10

@88 so because theres something worse we should just overlook the problems in society? good for you, youd prefer not being an animal. dont quite know why that makes a difference but hey, good for you. as i said, shes either going to get it back or get revenge. i cant imagine friends looking favourably on stealing from their other friends, so i can definitely see major social issues for the idiot. finding out his contact details also gives you the ability to steal his crap to the cost of replacing everything in the wallet, or simply setting his car on fire... but your chances of being caught stealing from someone you know are much greater than anyone you dont.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

130- And how exactly is "getting your revenge" by setting his car on fire or stealing his property going to correct these flaws you refuse to over look but are fully willing to participate in? Good luck changing the world with that notion. Maybe your energy would be put to better use in correcting your flaws such as caring more about your belongings then you do your character. I choose to act civilized when those around me revert to animalistic behaviors like you are now.

#79 ye same thing happened 2 me on friday. I left my purse by accident in the food court at the mall and when i rushed back it was gone :( they couldn't even just take my money and leave the purse :(

130 - Two wrongs don't make a right, not to mention revenge doesn't always work. Then again, we've had to watch our stuff for centuries since there have been thieves since the beginning of existence. If that's too much of a hassle for you, then deal with your stuff getting stolen.

a_nutritionist 10

you see no difference in wronging someone who wronged you and wronging someone who has done nothing to you? that i must say is odd. yes i will retaliate to those who wrong me, because it would make me feel better and i would get back a little part of my dignity that was stolen. i dont like being taken advantage of. i dont see it as a flaw, when the alternative is allowing people to affect your life while you sit back and do nothing about it, especially knowing theyre going to do it again to someone else. as for stealing his property, technically youre just taking back your own property.

#152 An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind..

technically it only makes you and the other guy blind... just saying.

a_nutritionist 10

@155 you realise then the legal system becomes useless since its based entirely on the idea of justice right?

152 - There's a clear difference between angrily seeking revenge and seeking out the authorities when needed. The former is what I was referring to.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

152- So I guess your just a victim of our society, right? You would be the first victim I know of to condone stealing and setting cars on fire. A wrong is a wrong no matter what way you try to justify it. Also, if you steal the equivalent of what they stole from you from them, then no it's not you stealing back your belongings. If you take what exactly they stole from you back without a doubt that it is yours not just something you think could have been yours then you would be stealing back what was yours. And thats if your positive they stole it from you, which OP was not. He could have left and someone else stole her purse, she could have brought it with her and forgot she did and left it in the bathroom(yes it happens I have seen it before). The reason why you had your wallet stolen when walking away for five minutes is because you- A. left your valuables unattained- and you- B. think it's okay to set people's cars on fire because you think they stole your belongings. I highly doubt you developed those morals just as reading this FML so I am guessing you have sought revenge plenty before. Good luck getting anywhere in life with that mind set. I hope your children will not pick up on your ignorance, please don't reproduce. Thank you and good day.

Yea I do not know of any female who do not take their purse with them no matter what.

52.........stupid and pointless criticism but cute baby.

172.. thanks, took me 9 months to make her so cute

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A7X_LoVeee 10

Why would you leave your purse with someone you don't know? Try to use more common sense next time.

chemeesh 0

I know! I always take my purse with me, even when out with friends!

I always take my stuff with me even with my friends because my friends have attention spans like small children. I walk off and say 'watch my stuff' come back and my friends have wandered off and left my stuff there.

Come on, stuff like this can easily happen. Some people don't use there heads all the time. it logically impossible. It can't all be her fault.

it's not often that people steal your stuff - even if you don't know them or do. It's a sad world if we don't trust anyone!! but I can see what you mean in this case....

Ya sorry about that I was kind of hard up for cash. No but seriously what a ******** hope the cops catch that asshole.

eff5 0

maybe he left and someone else stole your purse

RecklessJellyBea 7

You...left your purse with a stranger? YDI.

Girl Rule #1 Always bring your purse with you, even if it's to the washroom. you didn't, thus it's poetic justice. It sucks that he left, yea, but took your purse because you didn't bring it with you? That you deserved.

i thought girl rule #1 was to never talk about the girl rules...

Tuesdaythe10th 11

It changes depending on what country you're from

girl bathroom rule: never go alone. and dont forget yo purse.

randomchickkk 0

moral of the story: don't date men who steal purses

Really? Great advice except for this minor detail: You can't tell who's a thief just by looking at them.

fuff_fml 4

y didn't u bring it with u? never leave ur purse

Are you sure it was empty I mean it was a "blind" date. Maybe you should feel around.