By Anonymous - 26/08/2015 07:45 - India - Kolkata

Today, is my five year anniversary. My boyfriend said he was gonna get me something shiny this year. I thought he was gonna propose. He got me a set of sparkle glue. FML
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If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it..

You clearly do not understand the FML community

#52 You mean the one where everyone hates everybody else?

Precisely! **** OUR Lives. Such a tight knit community!

The Ifunny community is like the exact opposite of FML. Comments that get disliked here would get lots of likes on ifunny

I'd like to think that he did it as a big joke, and later that evening, he actually had a ring for her. But whatever actually happened, I'm sorry you got your hopes up, OP.

Maybe it's a hint for yall to 'get creative'

what are you going to do with sparkle glue.??

It's great for decorating purposes. Duh. Popsicle stick picture frames, anyone?

Ahaha, thought I was the only one who made those! :P

Make yourself a ring out of glitter glue and spaghetti

Use it to glue him to the toilet seat, maybe then he will realize that it's a bad present

Maybe he's gonna make you a ring out of sparkle glue.

That's mean. He shouldn't've gotten your hopes up like that.

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Something sparkly could've meant a bunch of things. OP shouldn't have assumed she was getting a ring.

#51: OP said they have been together for five years. I'm sure a ring coming to mind would not be all that uncommon if a couple has been together that long and one makes mention of the other getting "something shiny."

Even if op didn't assume a ring, who in the world expects sparkly glue as a present? It's funny, but it's also kinda mean to get her hopes up no matter what she thought it was.

#54 They could have talked about getting married and that's why she thought it would be a ring. Granted there isn't a lot of information for us to definitely say that's why. I'm just going off experience with my fiancé.