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  Rizal666  |  5

I mean, I just have a silicone band because when my wife and I got married, we couldn't afford it. So..maybe his fingers grew and she wanted to give him a new one? Or maybe special engraving, etc

By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

Thanks for the reminder! My anniversary is tomorrow and we've already celebrated since our odds of running into each other tomorrow are slim. I should probably schedule a happy anniversary text now for him to wake up to.

By  E2dav  |  5

I'm sure he didnt mean to hurt you as men do tend to forget anniversaries ( & birthdays etc.). Just tell him you'd like to celebrate it and plan something together

By  0neiros  |  13

He now owes you a night out that you plan and he pays for. OR You now have a "I Fucked up but am calling in my marker," Marker. your choice. Either way, you need to remind him about 2 weeks out next year, and don't be vague, or Hint, flat out state "BTW, Our anniversary is on ..."