By thank god you'll only live once - 08/11/2013 20:12 - Canada - Hamilton

Today, in the lunch line at school, a kid literally ordered a "hamburger with extra swag." FML
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Who needs an education when you have swag?

perdix 29

Don't worry. In lunch lady jargon, "swag" is a synonym for "spit."


whiteboy896 9

lnb4 generation jokes.

Inb4 another shitty first comment

whiteboy896 9

really? I thought it was quite clever, but you can never really tell what the fml community will vote.

swag is code for spit

kill it before it reproduces

incoherentrmblr 21

I waiting for someone to beat the hell out of someone else for saying swag, and in the process of getting beaten, they say YOLO...

Gingerette 8

92, that happens every other week in a local school.

Who needs an education when you have swag?

That's right. I'm sure swag will pay the bills when that kid is older.

Dat username haha

You've got to be jealous of them. Those with swag get the best jobs at McDonald's.

\ 28

I broke my legs to get a little extra swag.

All I'm sayin #3, I'm now senior executive assistant janitor at McDonalds. #Lifeisgood

"Here's your fries sir."

It's just this generation :/

Nope, It's just ignorance.

Don't blame this generation! Many other events in the past were similar to these. It's plain ignorance.

mansen 15

nope. your generation just doesn't hear about the shame of the previous generations. We try to bury the trauma of our catch phrases deep down, smothering them with the tears of remorse that we ever ever thought saying 'whazzuuu*beats the shame back to its dusty dark corner*

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Have any of you guys realized that blaming shit on "our generation" is just fucking stupid!? I hate these comments with a passion. It's about as bad as people saying "I've lost all faith in humanity", really? Did you lose all faith in humanity because some kid said "swag"? Well that's just fucking pathetic. God damn.. I apologize for my little rant, but this shit just needs to stop.

As if any other generation never had stupid "lingo". Blaming shit on our generation is stupid, and actually hurts some of us if you didn't know.

Everyday_Galaxy 14

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Destroy it before it nests.

and with fire

perdix 29

Don't worry. In lunch lady jargon, "swag" is a synonym for "spit."

I thought it meant cyanide...

I thought it was a secret acronym code for, "Sure, We'll Add Gasoline!"

And a side of drop out.

OP should have given him a burger with a job application to Mcdonalds inside

So u wanted fries with that, and would u like to make that a swag combo?

Wow.. just wow.

Did he then pee in a mop bucket and wear sunglasses inside the rest of the day?

*cough cough* Bieber *cough*

This generation I fear for the future

Don't blame this generation. I'm sure your generation could have severely fucked up society just as this one has. There isn't any reason to blame those that happened to be born within this generation; blame the ignorant people who came up with twerking, swag, YOLO, and such. It's their fault, not the entire generation's.

Lets play a drinking game for whenever someone comments about this generation.

#69 No one's liver could survive that trauma...

MuppetMerkin 10

Yeah, all that shit was thought up by your generation. All generations have embarrassing stuff but yours glorifies stupidity and ignorance.