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By conspicuous - 12/09/2012 20:11 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, I was late for class. I have extreme social anxiety, so I quietly slipped into the huge, packed auditorium, trying to be as quiet as possible. When I was almost to my seat, I accidentally kicked a teacher's coffee down the steps. The entire class looked at me and some clapped. FML
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I feel bad for the coffee. All it wanted was to be drank. And you ****** it up. Be ashamed!


The important thing is that you entertained the whole class, soo... *clap, clap, clap*

NzaHaFML 13

Be thankful it wasn't another scenario where you tripped and fell on your face. With your anxiety that would've felt worse so no biggie Op :)

OP you deserved it, if you're stupid enough to knock over someone's coffee, then you get a well deserved sarcastic clap from everyone. Grow up a bit. YDI

-54 You do realize the auditorium was probably really dark, right?

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Shows up late AND ruins the teachers coffee AND possibly causing a mess. That's like a hole on one for a disruption. Haha.

Everyone clapped? That must have been a really unpopular lecturer...

I feel bad for the coffee. All it wanted was to be drank. And you ****** it up. Be ashamed!

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The pressure of getting one of the top comments must have got to you.

You're not going to believe this, but... there's a button for that :o

21 - there is? Which one? Is it, "I'm sorry to hear that but, you deserve it" or "I'm sorry to hear that and, your life sucks"?

41- No, it's the one that has a thumb pointing down.

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You should know 41, you're getting thumbs down lol.

19- The pressure of getting one of the top replies must have gotten to you

Your career in espionage looks promising.

lol, more so for the FML posted right after this one.

Ninja level: failed... Almost achieved, maybe next.

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You should have yelled, "**** Starbucks! Overpriced, pretentious, yuppie shit! Guess what, it's burnt!!" I guess if you're shy (the unpretentious way to say "social anxiety"), that's not in the cards, but it would be ******' funny!

Or just take it all in stride and be like "thank you, thank you!"

Social anxiety is an actual disorder. It is shyness to the point of it seriously affecting your quality of life. People do misuse it to just mean shy.

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Social anxiety isn't just shyness. It's so much more.

If you had been on time, this wouldn't have happened. Or do you have a fear of alarm clocks too?

Alarm clock anxiety? What's the technical term for that?

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Are you sure it's not "extreme alarm social clock anxiety?"

I always had a problem being on time for school, but that's because in addition to my social anxiety I have school phobia and it took a lot from me just to get there, let alone on time. If OP had a similar situation, it may not be that they didn't want to wake up but that they were trying their best to get there. On the other hand, they might just have woken up late, and if so this comment was pointless.

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Courtesy, smile and flip your middle finger.

10: agreed. Better than panick, stumble and fall!