By Anonymous - 23/11/2014 17:46 - United States

Today, I held the door open for an old lady, before realizing she was a teacher taking 20-plus kids to lunch at local burger joint, all of whom got in front of me in the line to order. FML
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ileenefudge 29

That was really nice of you OP.

Nice guys finish last


ileenefudge 29

That was really nice of you OP.

Wow, I thought the schools were cracking down on junk good in America.

I mean it's not like he had the option to cut off the kids halfway through.

ileenefudge 29

Just him holding the door open and letting them go first was a nice gesture though.

you have to mention that 21 times...

Bigfabthetruth52 22

i would have just held the door for her and kept it moving. being polite is one thing letting people take advantage of your politeness is another.

Chivalry takes you a long way .... Long way to place your order.

Nice guys finish last

Well they apparently order last, at least.

Slaught000 9

I finished last--in your mom.

That's totally uncalled for #7.

(Tries to put two and two together) Well, maybe, nice guys finish ordering last.

Isn't it common courtesy to let the person get in line in front of you if they were ahead of you to begin with but stopped to hold the door? Whenever someone stops to hold the door for me, I let them get back in front of me. Especially if I'm in a large group.

Nigahiga reference ftw

I woulda then used the drive thru, if they had one

No saying that OP arrived by car, though.

cmchappy 25

Go through in a shopping cart then

Just read a news story about a guy who was arrested for going through a drive-through on a bike, so doing it in a shopping cart most likely would end even less well.

Ashd09 30

I'm not sure about where y'all are at, but here in Georgia you can walk through any drive thru......

My mom once went through a drive thru on her horse.

If we're talking about the same news story then it wasn't because he was on a bike, it was because he was intoxicated and acting violently.

you sir, did a good job.

No good deed goes unpunished.

She should've warned you out of common courtesy. Especially since you were nice enough to hold the door for her.

At least you've earned some good karma for this, OP. Maybe your next meal will be free or something.

Burger joints dont give out free food. Sure he did a good thing but im just saying, he isnt gonna get anything free.

You get free food if you go there just before they close. Well that's the case in fast food places? anyway.

Sometimes they forget to charge you for something. i once got two burgers free from kfc, dunno how that happened, it was close to closing and I did offer to give the worker a lift home, maybe that's why

#24 just a fair warning that restaurant workers more than likely despise people who come in just before close...especially of they're looking for free food

I didn't mean that the burger joint would give him free food, I meant that one day he might have some good luck because of his good karma is all.

Please tell me you don't actually believe in karma

I think #9 means that OP might end up in one of those situations where someone in front of them pays for the food for like the next 10 people behind them.

jbombdighetty 11

at taco bell here they've given me free stuff all the time. never a whole meal though.

He then found out they were out of food

No good deed goes unpunished. (: No shit. #6 beat me to it.

If #6 beat you to it then why did you still post it?

It's called editing a post after the fact.

sometimes kindness is double edged, my friend