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Today, I was prioritizing my extreme amount of homework. I read over the front page of my psychology paper seeing that it was pretty easy questions, I decided to do it last. Little did I know there was a 8 page essay on the back of the page. It's 12:19 am. FML
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How the **** do teachers these days expect you to do all these assignments in one night? Do they think they are the only ******* class you have or something?


How the **** do teachers these days expect you to do all these assignments in one night? Do they think they are the only ******* class you have or something?

I've been given a lot of homework all at once, and all due in at once. Depends what kind of teacher you have.

Yeah, almost all teachers think "I'm your only teacher so I'm sure that you have time to do MY assignment." That is also why a bunch of them like to plan their finals on the same day at the same time. Argh. On a more on topic note to the OP, what the hell are you doing on FML rather than working on that paper?

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Because obviously some people need homework to help them learn that it is "AN" 8 page paper, not "A" 8 page paper.

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YDI for procrastinating. No prof gives out homework like that due the next day. My Bachelors Degree is in Psyc and an assignment like that would probably have been given a few days in advance.

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Agreed with 39 and 42. YDI for procrastinating, and then complaining about the fact that you didn't know what your homework was. Sucks to be you.

They don't spring all this on you to do in one day, you procrastinating mother ******.

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YDI for reading FML instead of working on your paper

that sucks. and **** you 39! whats with ppl correcting the grammer in fmls. thats what 40 year olds in their moms basements we made to do!!

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I totally agree number 1 when I was in scoop ( I recently graduated) I was up until at least 11 every night doing nothing but homework we should be more like certain parts of Canada that have made homework illigal. if u didn't understand it in class then u won't get the homework either. therefore it Is useless I wasted 25 years of my life (with college) all day almost everyday doing nothing but homework, and it's only because bullshit teachers today don't know what the **** they are doing and are stupider than the students. so they give out ass loads of work to act like their teaching us stuff. (belive me I went to school in Nevada YIKES) anyway this work load for kids that can't even drive yet is at to much.

hahaha 29. seriously, y the **** r'nt u doing the assignment. and ydi 4 not looking

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I had more homework in high school.

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You are a moron. The point of homework is to practice the concepts. Repetition makes information stay in your mind. That is basic psychology right there. How fitting.

Read your assignment beforehand you silly bitch.

Sometimes they do. Specially on college. People get an average of 0.5 hours of sleep per day on the last two weeks of the semester.

Half an hour of sleep average for two weeks? BS. People become psychotic after about a week without sleep. The hallucinations start after a few days. It also doesn't say much for the pride people take in their work (schoolwork or otherwise) wherever you are. Or maybe the academic standards. The only all-nighter I pulled during my engineering degree was on the day AFTER my last exam, putting the finishing touches on my entry for a national engineering competition (based on my 4th-year project). And I wasn't a particularly driven student, compared to my peers. But then again, my university wasn't known for its wild parties.

I'm fairly sure that #30's comment on the sleep deprivation was hyperbole rather than an actual statistic... I thought everyone got that :/ I thought it was funny.

there's no way a prof assigned an 8 page essay without talking about it. that's like a short term paper.

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My last semester at college, I slept an average of one night per week. The rest of the time, I was practically secreting caffeine and Vitamin B. I was working 2 jobs, taking 20 credits (most in-class, some online) and doing extra-curriculars. That only left me the hours from 1am-7am to do homework, which there was a steady flow of... So I believe the .5 hours per night

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ur stupid 17 and sorry I meant school not scoop

so why are you posting an FML if you need to be doing your work

Also, I love how this FML got posted a minute after it was submitted. There are enough people on here modding, yet NO one is commenting on FMLs and fighting and screaming that theyve beaten everyone else to the earliest comment. Ah, what a good day today is.

no, she submitted it at 12:20... the time on the fml's is when the person submitted them, not when they actually showed up on the homepage.

oh, my mistake. damn that was a huge fail on my part :(

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But wouldn't it of taken you the same amount of time to do them all anyway? Even if you did this one first :s

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but it so much easier to write a 8 page essay at an earlier time when your not as tired

If you don't know you have an 8-page essay to write, you might take a more leisurely pace to complete the rest of it.

You had an eight-page essay to write and instead of, oh, I don't know, STARTING TO WRITE IT, you decided to waste time on

How long do you think it takes to submit a fml?

WOW that sucks but YDI for procrastinating and if you weren't procrastinating then FYL.

Careless read your assignment before Before you do it

thats a fairly common mistake...YDI sort of but yeah your life sucks.

Better - put one period or comma per line to size 14 font. If you're reading a printed version it is completely undetectable, yet adds a full paragraph per two or three pages.

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You do know most college proffessors require 11 or 12 font size, correct?