By pizzacat - 22/09/2010 08:49 - Australia

Today, I was conducting interviews and I could tell this particular candidate was really nervous, so I was extra nice. At the end, he was reluctant to shake my hand. On the way out I realised why: I had lost the top button on my low cut top, and he was nursing his appreciation of the view. FML
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perdix 29

He probably kept his hand in his pocket to conceal his raging boner. A woman in a position of authority with a low-cut top (missing a button, even!) being extra nice? I'm half a world away and I've got a raging boner!

Really professional of you for wearing a low cut top.


rocky21 0

where do u work at that allows that kind of dress code?

hate_spoons 0

at least he didn't stare.....

7- anywhere? women are allowed to wear low cut tops, her button came off she didn't choose for it to happen dipshit.

alliewillie 22

I agree - why would you wear a low cut top to interview new people? is that the first impression you're going for? Doesnt seem very professional.

tanner11111 0

hahaha score

lol... I bet he wasn't prepared for that.

and YDI for being a ****!

NObeeS 7

lol poor guy

yeah I think he earned it. no telling how hard it is to focus on an interview like that. pun intended.

pics or it didn't happen ...

I bet you got some tig ol bitties tho.

FreePali 0

46- This is completely off topic, but your hairstyle is eerily familiar to Justin Beiber's. it's kinda distracting. Does it burn your scalp?

YDI for giving him "a hard time" ;)

ShadyFTW1 0

Or maybe you're ugly as hell and the view was making him sick. Stop assuming you're irresistable OP. If u were hot he'd love to shake your hand

mexicutioner123 0

pics or it didn't happen

"nursing his appreciation" = jerking off. Yeah. I bet he'd love to shake her hand after that. Or maybe even WHILE doing it.

#103 no you tard, you don't get boners from looking at ugly people. poor interviewee though

please 103. u'd stare too as long as u got to see ****!!!!

DID U NOT NOTICE THAT HIS EYES WERE ON UR RACK!!! I wish I had boobies so I could stare at them without getting dirty looks

EricErection69 0

71 win burning if the scalp

pics or it never happened..

oh thts funny... I went for a job interview today and go really shy and nervous after seeing my boss's nice *******

He probably REALLY wants the job now.

Poor OP? I think she deserves it. You can be cute but professional without wearing lowcut tops. Especially if you're in a position of interviewing people.

ILovesMahBridge 0

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..? :o

mintcar 9

Hahahaha. Truth.

Sue for what? What the hell are you talking about?

anything u friggin americans sue for air ! . . just being a nazi here :p not being racist (A)

screwlife23 0

American is not a race.......

"American" is a race. "Catholic" and "Jewish" are races. A race is basically a group of people together based on something that defines them, like brown hair, blue eyes, etc.

127 - Not even close.

129 - Typical know-it-all, except in this case you have no ******* clue what you're talking about.

132 - It appears you don't. I know exactly what I'm talking about. Care to enlighten the world with your thoughts?

whoa, buddy ur off by a longshot

tht was for 127

rob780202 0

you can't sue somebody for looking at you that's just stupid

Lenoraa 0

actually, she could lol. American is not a race. i asked a history teacher last year and he said no. he could sue though and call it, harassment. it's sad but true. people sue for silly things nowadays.

IsaidSTFU 0

127 - You're an idiot, at least use google or something before you say something that stupid...


are u an idiot? it says she is from australia

Yeah lmao americans sue for something like 'i crashed my bike into them and it dented it ever so slightly and i demand $2000 for it' like lmao

In america you probably can, almost definitely cos you can sue for almost anything there (probably falls under harassment?)

Really professional of you for wearing a low cut top.

Well that actually depends on the proffession

Her top button fell out. It's not necessarily her fault.

she was still wearing a low top shirt

Fizzy56 0

98.... you're gorgeous

165.... it's photoshop.

173- Or not her.

Link5794 18

Or both.

165, you could message her that. No need to comment on the FML seeing as it's totally irrelevant.

be more alert next time!

perdix 29

He probably kept his hand in his pocket to conceal his raging boner. A woman in a position of authority with a low-cut top (missing a button, even!) being extra nice? I'm half a world away and I've got a raging boner!

Schizomaniac 24

Perdix with a boner? Huge surprise there.

perdix 29

Don't worry, guys, the fact that dudes are thinking about my boner made it disappear.

he deserves it for not using his left hand to do that (so he can shake with his right)

I didn't know perdix got boners. Lol

green_eyes124 0

Haha I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Perix I will pay you to not take that new job! The thought of missing these comments is just too sad for words.

green_eyes124 0

Dang it. *Perdix*

perdix 29

Thanks, green_eyes, I think I'll be able to sneak a little time at the new job to keep up with FML. A pretty woman offers to pay me to comment on FML? I got my boner back!!!

green_eyes124 0

My name is Lauren, and, personally, I think everyone should get together and donate to see your comments along with some others (Mercy, Chaos, Anna, and some others). It's really entertainment and other people get paid to entertain right? Haha... just a thought.

Slappyzezima 0

oh I get it! ivote has zezima and fml has perdix! exept zezima is banned now :(. I still think zezima was funnier though :)

perdix 29

That's a great idea, Lauren, but with my luck, I'd get fired from my job as a professional FML commenter for making engineering calculations on company time! Hahahaha. Your positive feedback is gold to me.

green_eyes124 0

Nah, you'd get privileges. I'd be the chief of staff : ) haha I've been told that I'm a good self esteem booster : )

green_eyes124 0

Plus, every one knows your the God of fml, I though you'd be used to the positive feedback : )

perdix 29

Oooh, privileges ;) I like the way that sounds. I guess I picked the wrong day to wear tight khakis to work -- I won't be able to walk around while I'm thinking what those privileges might be. And while I am flattered you believe I am divine, I am just a dude, and every bit of positive feedback makes me smile and warms my heart.

Roll on the job interview... ;P

PeeNaught 3

Sorry perdix I think you and doc Bastard are on the same level ground when it comes to being the kings of Fml...


Quest_ 13

You're going to cop a lot of shit from commenters regarding the lowcut top. But you definitely don't deserve to have to deal with some freaky pervert gratifying himself DURING A JOB INTERVIEW.

Horde 8

OP got what she (accidentally) asked for: a boner. Dress properly and you won't have to deal with involuntary body reactions.

...And what happens if she had been dressed properly in a nice, conservative blouse? For all you know, that could have been the case and the button could have popped off at work.

Horde 8

"I had lost the top button on my _low_cut_top_" Also, calling a guy "freak" for an erection is like calling a girl "****" because her **** hardened in the cold: its a reaction

but it wasn't the case because she specified she had a low cut shirt. in this case she deserved it

Quest_ 13

I called him freaky because, incase you didn't catch it while reading both the FML itself and the second half of my comment, the OP indicated that he was masturbating. Despite what you so desperately wish to believe about me, I don't think men are perverts for getting erections.

understood now. didn't quit read it good enough. my apologies.

Horde 8

I understood you in the first place, but still find hard to believe that he were masturbating during the interview. At the end the OP emphasizes that he were reluctant to shake hands, probably because he were busy hiding his boner.

I interpreted "nursing his appreciation" as "trying to conceal his erection so I wouldn't think he was a pervert". But what do I know? I'm a giraffe. Hey, OP: YDI for not selecting your clothes more carefully, for being attractive, and for having a nice rack. There are 3 things you must do to fix this situation: 1) provide us with some pics (or it didn't happen!), and 2) fornicate with the man who wants your body so badly that he can't hide it, and 3) make him a nice sammich afterwards.

Low cut doesn't always mean slutty or skanky. Low cut, depending on just HOW low cut the top is, could be suitable for work.

mustve been a good interview for him, even if he didn get te job!