By Kaka_Karrot_Kake - 13/09/2013 13:49 - United States - Houston

Today, I was walking down the street when a "homeless" man asked for money. I gave him a dollar and he got up and called his friend on an iPhone. FML
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Ok to clear things up, I was walking home and he asked for money. He looked, and even SMELLED like a homeless person. Sure enough, I gave him money and all of a sudden he got up and started walking and I saw him take out an iPhone 5 and call his friend. I heard him say, "Lol dude it worked!" Sorry I wrote so much ._. And no he was NOT really homeless

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

Should have taken your dollar back! What a pan handling dick. At least you tried doing the right thing, OP.

At least you were being a decent person. But that sucks that he stole your money


CallMeMcFeelii 13

Should have taken your dollar back! What a pan handling dick. At least you tried doing the right thing, OP.

This fml reminds me of oatmeal comics on what it is like to own Apple products!

you should've picked his iPhone and ran like hell..

How do any of you know he wasn't given the iPhone? Or he could have won it or found it or something.. Stop being so quick to dismiss the guy as a fraud.

#37 I guess he was just given a cell phone plan too?

Pwn17 25

If he was really desperate for money and he found the phone, he would have sold it. He's a fraud. I also doubt anyone would be so generous as to give a homeless man their phone, no matter how nice they are.

You may doubt it, but I'm sure there are generous people in the world who would do such a thing. And what if he wanted to keep the phone? He might like it.

michael666 7

wallandpiece, your an idiot, if he needed food he should sell the phone, he's a worthless piece of trash for begging for others hard earned money while he sits and does nothing but beg and take *****, he's not even worth the iphone he called on his friend with.

michael666 7

I just read your bio wallandpiece, of course you think poor him, your gonna end up just like him in no time.

That homeless guy sounds like a phone-y. I always get the ones claiming to need bus fair to get back home. It's just a dollar. Even if they're not dead broke like they might pretend to be, I still feel like I'm better off than they are.(:

thandidavis 17

Yeah cause iPhones keep you warm at night and stop your hunger pangs...and that dollar of yours would've solved all his problems (-_-)

My family owns a business and we have many homeless people who come to our store after pan handling all day. Its not so much this guy could be a fraud..he could very well be homeless and just save his government checks and the money he gets from people who donate to him. One homeless guy told us he will sometimes make $1,000 in one day. It also helps that he'a disabled as well. So he'll usually get more tips because of it. It isn't really hard to save a few hundred dollars when your homeless and have no bills to pay etc. i've seen it before myself. So it could very well be the homeless man OP donated to is in fact homeless. He just spends his earnings where he wants.

I was homeless for about a year, but I still had s decent phone because my dad got it for me before I was homeless and put me on his plan. I also couldn't sell it because my dad paid for it and since he lives in a different city, one of the stipulations was that I had to keep it so he could get hold of me.

To #54 Youre* if you're going to call someone an idiot at least do it with proper grammar.

goliatron 9

You've all been trolled by wallandpiece.

#76--I hate to be a pedantic asshole*, but if you are going to correct someone, you should make sure you are correct. It should be you're, not youre. *I really do like to be a pedantic asshole.

michael666 7

hey jezzika your an idiot. ill spell it however I please,

#86 - I would give you 1000 up-votes if I could. There is not much more annoying than a grammar Nazi that uses improper grammar..

This remind me of the movie "Don't be a Menace" when the homeless guy hops in his convertible and drives off haha But I'm sorry this happened to you OP, someone els on need could've really used your dollar. Dumb fake homeless person

CallMeMcFeelii 13

115, you mean.. Don't Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, right? Haha. I love that movie. Sorry the whole title itself makes me laugh so I had to make sure that's what you meant.

55, I'm sorry to hear your prediction of my future, but I would find it absolutely riveting to hear how you pulled it off simply by looking at my bio. Good luck getting rich by smoking weed and listening to rap!

Pwn17 25

What does that have to do with anything? First off, there's nothing wrong with people who listen to rap. I dislike most of rap too, but that doesn't mean there's something wrong with the genre, especially since his bio says he listens to underground rap, which is infinitely better than mainstream rap (in my opinion). There also isn't too much wrong with weed. It's not totally harmless, but as long as you do it in moderation and don't get completely addicted, it's fine. What makes you think those things are 100% bad anyway?

I can't speak for the homeless guy here, but I think some of the people in the replies are right; a lot of you guys are being a little quick to judge. Being able to pay for a cell phone plan is not nearly the same as paying for rent and groceries. Cell phones are becoming incredibly necessary in order to function in society, or hold a job. I've served meals to someone who had brought his laptop in with him, but he had that laptop because he needed it. Selling that laptop for a couple weeks' worth of meals wouldn't be worth it. There are so many possible explanations.

MerrikBarbarian 9

166 is right. I could not afford a rent, but was able to have a cellphone while I was on disability after an injury so I could be reached by doctors and for jobs once I recovered enough to work because having an iPhone was the cheapest, most effective means to accomplish the goal. I was still unable to afford a home- hell I could barely afford food. I put the phone as a priority because it helped me get work which let me get a home and food. Phones are basically a essential item now if you want a job. Disability was willing to pay half the cost of the plan each month because of how essential they are. The phone was free with a 3 year plan. Don't be so quick to judge.

michael666 7

I do smoke, but I listen to metal, just saw steel panther last night actually, death to all but metal! what would make you think I listen to rap? my user name is michael666, 666 bro. BRO! BROMODON MY BROSOVICH, BROMETHEUS, HOBRO, breh.

Where in my bio does it indicate I'm going to be poor? Why do you hate me for having an opinion?

At least you were being a decent person. But that sucks that he stole your money

I get the feeling it wasn't hustling because of how quickly he blew his cover. Ideally he would want to pull the scam repeatedly. Maybe OP is just too quick to assume based upon looks. Maybe the man just needed a quick buck. This needs a follow-up.

That's why I try to give them food not money. You'd be surprised by how many "homeless" people deny free food.

Watch Dennis's videos on youtube, he is a prankster but he do this kind of stuff, like he ask money from people then when he gets it he gets in his Mercedes slg or whatever and says "gas is not cheap" but at the end of the day he buys food from the money he collected and gives it to homeless people... He does it for fun but he feeds the homeless.

Eh, it was a dollar, so it's really no big deal. Now if it were like a 10 or 20, then I'd get mad and take it back...

Most of the homeless beggars are con artists. Begging is their only job, they return to their nice home afterwards, then fail to pay taxes...

Now that's what you call a beggar with a choice...

he could have been homeless. a house and bills cost a lot more than one phone bill.

If you want to help homeless people then donate to a charity, giving money to people on the street only makes yourself feel better

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I always viewed charities as scams, and yes, I know that's horrible. But I truly think most of them are. They make the CEO more money than they help. I'll give to cancer research whenever I have the chance if I believe it's a trustful organization, but I really think a lot of them make more money for themselves than they help their actual cause..

Cancer Research UK seems to be the only charity that makes a huge difference and uses the majority of donations on the cause.

4, I disagree with what you say, solely on the fact that I'm a huge military supporter. There are way too many homeless vets in the US. So maybe I do feel better about myself for giving some change when I go over to the States, but I know there's at least a chance of it going to someone who legitimately needs it.

#15 not a lot are in Australia I can name a lot of good ones: st Vincent de Paul's, breast cancer foundation etc but some still are bogus

I don't always believe that money is the answer, I would personally look at volunteering in a homeless shelter for a couple for hours as that way you know exactly where your time and effort is going, and you are able to help way more people.

This is counter productive. Should just steal the phone. Dollar lost, phone gained.

Lizzie14521 5

I think he meant the phone. @92

Lizzie14521 5

I don't believe having an iPhone is a necessity more than it is a privledge, just like like owning more than one TV or having an expensive car. But OP at least you were trying to be a good person. you're the kind of person we need, but don't deserve

threer 30

So many people these days complain how poor they are, but they can afford iPhones. I know plenty of people who'd have money if they didn't have iPhones, cigarets and always have to have expensive name brand crap.

This is true, but some of us do need a smartphone for our jobs to email on the go and be less broke in the long run- though I'm still fairly broke. The only reason I ended up with an iPhone rather than a Droid was because the lovely people at the cellphone store were nice and pushy. I'd give anything to have a trusty old flip phone again. Just saying- sometimes it's not the iPhone owners fault, and not all of us are "iHave an iPhone so iAm cooler than you" asshats lol :)

olpally 32

What an ass. Break his iPhone. Pan handling bastard. :/

two parts of your comment were basically already stated in previous comments. the least you could do is try to be somewhat original...

olpally 32

It is original. -___- I didn't copy anyone. Lol.

OP calm down, its more of a FML for Steve Jobs. ..