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  feldco1  |  17

I agree but sometimes it's nice to know why you didn't get the job because it could be something fixable so you can be a better candidate for future jobs.

  elgordogrande1  |  11

20- Weed can get out of your system in a week sometimes. Or if they're only using the shitty drug tests from CVS or Walgreens it won't be sensitive enough to detect weed after a week or two depending on how much and how often you were smoking before the test.

  Mr_Satan  |  11

It varies from person to person, and stays longer depending on consistency of use, amount of body fat you have, how well hydrated you generally are, how often you do activities that make you sweat, and probably other things as well.

Weed can be out of your system (excluding hair follicles) in as little as a day or two, or it can stay for a month or more.

And yes, I have passed a drug test two days after smoking.