By hobo - 17/05/2015 17:47 - Canada - Chilliwack

Today, I woke up to "we're leaving". I'm now homeless because my Dad and his girlfriend got into an argument over toilet paper. FML
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Wow their relationship is really in the toilet.

Allornone 35

you roll the paper over, not under, dammit.


Toilet paper breaks homes apart. That's why I keep 3 different types at my moms house.

meliodafool_ 15

2 ply, or not 2 ply? that is the question.

That was brilliant #26. I'd like to 3 ply to your pun with another.

Maybe it's because op's dad didn't do enough 4ply before sex?

Such an important thing I totally agree with that fight!!! :p

Wow their relationship is really in the toilet.

I think some would even say it was... Paper thin.

It seems as if their relation ship went... down the drain.

Klokwerk 4

The entire reason I signed into FML for the first time in YEARS to my memory is to say this: Get out. xD

It was probably an argument on which direction should you place it. Paper facing you or facing away from you

I believe this is known as overhand, or underhand. My rule of thumb is, if there are toddlers or cats in the house, underhand it is.

Allornone 35

you roll the paper over, not under, dammit.

Dammit #6, I was gonna make a comment like that. But at least you're correct and I don't have to tell you what a blundering fool you are for putting your rolls on backwards. Under just LOOKS stupid.

well if you have cats (like I do) then putting it over would be a disaster. I have to put it under because if I dont then my cats will attack it and unroll it just to make confetti around the house

drayloon 50

I have a lifting metal cover on my toilet paper to keep the cat from getting to it. I can't stand having the roll the wrong way

LittleRed79 39

@31: Genius!! I need to get one of those! My profile pic was my Mother's Day surprise from one of my fur babies. Caught her in the act!

I have a cat as well, and I can't stand underhand toilet paper, so I just shut the door so he can't get in

#31; "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have constructed. The ability to hide your toilet paper is insignificant, next to the power of a cat."

Dodge4x4Ram 46

some assholes are just sensitive.

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I was about to say, wow no one left a "that's a shitty situation" comment and then you came along and had to try being funny!

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Your dad is rather inconsiderate, especially if he was the one who decided to break things off and walk: he doesn't have your stability in mind at all when he makes decisions. FYL OP, hope things cool down soon.

Shouldn't both parties be at fault instead of just blaming the dad?

Hope you find somewhere to settle again soon!