By TheCrackerNinja - 26/11/2010 00:55 - United States

Today, after weeks of my girlfriend telling me to be romantic, I decided to make a romantic bath for us, complete with oil bath beads. After we get ready to take the bath, she puts her hand in the water and says she won't get it because 'it feels slimy'. I enjoyed a romantic bath alone. FML
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sometimes a romantic bath with your hand is all you need

Next time just tell her to suck your dick in the moonlight...


Flamehog9 0

fyl indeed.

That's actually very kinky. ^ Dont know about her but that would excite me lol

Errr... very very kinky. I wonder what was in the water ;P

that's girls for ya!

20 - love the bluntness. But alllll of the bath water was slimy, who do you think came in there? A randy horse??

rallets 22

looks like youre the one thats not gonna "get it" amirite? notice the typo up there? eh? ehhhh? ahhh ok


33, it was a sperm whale. ^___^

no FML here because he still enjoyed the bath.

sometimes a romantic bath with your hand is all you need

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24 I think that's his way of seeing win

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Rei_Ayanami 18

Why even bother? There's obviously no pleasing her, just push her head towards your crotch when she says it.

knock knock...who's there? it's me... wondering why you're not naked.... knock knock... who's there? it's me again.... still wondering why you're not naked....

sxcthaigirl 6

oh jeez...boys and they're kinkiness. lmao:)

next time try buying flowers :)

that still won't solve the slimy water part...

don't even bother with the bitch.

Flowers make the water slimy too.

Oh yes. Plant genitalia; for any and every occasion. That's original. At least OP tried. I'd say there's just no pleasing her, she's being unfair and very ungrateful. Slimy.. Bah! She's complaining about bath oil. Whiny bitch.

How does the girl not liking oil in the bath make her a bitch? She could have said it in a nicer way, but too much oil does feel unpleasant sometimes.

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what a bitch. I'm sorry but that is romantic and I dont know alot of guys that do that.

I also know a lot of guys that WON'T do that so if you find one of the ones willing to do stuff like that GRAB HIM AND DON'T LET GO!! lol

My bf couldn't do that if he wanted to. Our bathtub is too little :/ I'm 5' even and I barely fit in it by myself. That was super nice of him tho! My bf does other stuff to be romantic, like offering to do anal when I'm on my period, and pushing on the back of my head when I do oral lol... He's sooo romantic!

I can't even tell whether you're being sarcastic or not.

sassypants93 17

64 I'm pretty sure she is lol

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why is it a Fyl? you just said you enjoyed a bath, it was alone, but you enjoyed it nonetheless.

it's called sarcasm.

a_girl_i_know 0 I just realized that.

Splayd 10

"Failure," you moron. You cannot (properly) use "fail" as a noun.

Slimy? Time to find a new gf who actually has a brain >_<

Doesn't bath oil make the water oily?

It's called bath oil for a reason right?

I woulda spooged on shower/tub wall as a parting gift.

Next time just tell her to suck your dick in the moonlight...

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Lol romantic bath? Plus points for being creative! You should have insisted that she join you but in the future maybe ask her to specify what she means by romantic? That could be simpler and much more effective!!

It's super effective! Girlfriend fainted! Boyfriend gained 74xp points What is this? -Evolve music- Boyfriend has evolved to Badass Dude!

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^^Pokémon references ftw

that sucks, that's a pretty good effort!