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Today, I lost track of time while rocking out, butt-naked, to Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch after taking a shower. Three of my metalhead friends had let themselves in my house and were on the lower level laughing their butts off at me for 30 minutes before telling me. I'm a 23 year old guy. FML
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you spent HALF AN HOUR doing this?

(I wonder what the response would be if you were a woman rather than a man...) Thumbs up man. You should never feel bad or embarrassed about the music you enjoy, and I am sure we all feel like doing that sort of thing sometimes. And certainly not FYL. Just friendly joking around by the sounds of it. :)


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hahaha, that's great.

Very great ;D Next time, rock a little softer! FYL?

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That's what you get for listening to gay music!

you spent HALF AN HOUR doing this?

Am I the only one with a vision of Michelle Branch and Kelly Clarkson taking a shower together?

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not anymore and I dont even know who michelle branch is.

... would that be a good thing or a bad thing. Kelly clarksons gained some weight. so she ain't as hot anymore

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Naked :|

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He was In the shower... What, are you telling me you DON'T shower nekkid?

At least he's man enough to admit it. ;) Gotta say, I enjoy my share of Kelly, but I definitely wouldn't be rocking out naked to Since U Been Gone or Hazel Eyes. What's even more odd is a car full of guys driving down the highway windows down and blasting Kelly Clarkson and singing along. Yes, I was one of the guys in that car. Sometimes you just have to be a little odd and crazy. Side note: Kelly Clarkson takes up only 50MB out of 25GB of music on my iPod, so I believe my man status is still intact.

I had a 2GB ipod shuffle. ahh, memories.

so...this is an fml why?

Hahahaha, So your wiener was all floppin around, what a great image.

30 minutes is an exaggeration. It annoys me when people don't put the correct time. I bet it was about 2 minutes.