By Liz - 8/7/2019 00:00
Today, I woke up, and I could see perfectly. Somehow, during the night, my eyes magically became 20/20. I was overjoyed, until I realized I'd fallen asleep with my glasses on. My eyes are still trash, and I want to cry. FML
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By  Mungolikecandy  |  18

My eyes are terrible but I live with it. In fact, waking up to a soft focus world is quite comforting now.

By  0neiros  |  11

I've NEVER had 20/20 vision even with glasses. NEVER. STFU your glasses are a blessing, and you probably could attain 20/20 with Lasik surgery, look into it and quit your bellyaching, 20/100 is the best my left eye will ever have.