By greenblue90 - 14/06/2010 13:50 - United States

Today, my husband purposefully said something to upset me. When I asked why he would do that, he told me it was to test my Prozac. FML
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He's probably the reason you're on Prozac in the first place...

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If I only knew what Prozac does..


punch his nuts and tell him you want to test his Viagra.

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maybe he wants to test out how much he can get away with while your on it lol

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Well it's a good idea to test it out so you're not wasting yo time.

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obviously it's not working if you were upset enough about it to post it on here.

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he was just making sure it worked...

Smart guy, just wants to test his boundaries

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Prozac is a rather weak antidepressant though it helps sometimes.. Dire straits and all.

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Btw he's just lucky you only have depression, not anger problems otherwise he'd get punched in the face for the outrageous joke

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listen to prozac milkshake by psychostick- good song lol

#88 Today, I got dateraped by a black guy whom I liked because of his gay duck lips, I got AIDS now. FML

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#3 - Stick a 9-volt battery on your clit for thinking that's acceptable. Keep doing it.

#99 - Hahah Why Thank You :) I Like Your .. Eye Color Lol :p

#1 NICE PIC!!! Pikachu is still awesome.

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If I only knew what Prozac does..

It's a depression med. FAFP!!!!!!! times infinity

it's ok your not expected to know much at age 12

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ok, really? I'm not the only one who asked..

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Seanders: the basic failure troll

Prozac is for anxiety attacks n I think it's like an anti-depressant?

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Prozac is for depression and benzodiazepines (clonazepam etc) are for anxiety

Actually they prescribe it for Social anxiety too.

He's probably the reason you're on Prozac in the first place...

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haha wow he's a fudging dumbass!! you should do what number three suggested lol!!

Sounds like a completely legit experimental process. Now, how are those sandwiches coming?

God, those sandwich jokes used to be funny, now they're just annoying. Everyone gets the point already.

I agree, completely legit. They have the Pepsi Challenge, now it's time for the Prozac Challenge.

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Agreed, Almost makes you wish for the Soviet Russia jokes *runs for cover, dodging rotten tomatoes*