By Sandra - 21/1/2021 11:01

Proud dad

Today, my husband, who is proud of his 155 IQ, is depressed our son is becoming a typical football jock with an IQ only just into the triple digits. He even thinks I must have had an affair, because no way could someone as smart as him have produced such a blockhead with tattoos. FML
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By  Warp1978  |  14

My father has two doctorates, my mother is a teacher with an Ba and MA in English. I'm as average as they come you know, debt tattoos three kids ect ect.

  coius  |  23

I know! Mine dropped and I can still do my job. Even get paid well! I suggest this man retake a biology course. He must’ve forgotten how genetics work.

By  Kraths  |  16

I played sports in school and I have an IQ around 160, so I fail to see how being a jock automatically equals being a blockhead. I have a couple of friends who also played on the team that had IQs around the mid to high 130s. All of us did football, basketball, wrestling, track and field in addition to the science fair, STEM club, robotics club, woodshop, and several smaller clubs. Playing a sport doesn't automatically make you stupid, granted it can cause head injuries which themselves can cause other problems. It boils down to a person's genes, which both parents contribute to, and their environment.

  kfchicken  |  31

how many of your friends took hours long iq tests? also odd that so many people who are in the top 2% and .1% of humanity are in such close proximity. anyway, being in sports (minus head injury) does nothing but support intelligence. I encourages spacial awareness, timing, good hormone release, other forms of cognitive development and reduces stress. the argument shouldn't even be about if it's bad or not, but the extent of good it does. lastly a high IQ doesn't mean you're automatically smart or good at school. it's correlated to academic success it doesn't cause it.

By  jillylilly  |  4

First of all, Intelligenz is passed by the mother, not the father. Second of all is the IQ just a test. With training you get better, with emotional distraction you get worse. You can do it every year and you will get different numbers.

By  be82tw  |  17

1) anyone proud of their IQ score is an @$$hole. I'm sorry your husband is apparently one. (In fairness we are all @$$holes about something, sometime.)
2) triple digits is normal and healthy
3) if he his half as smart as he thinks he is then he should appreciate that it is not at all clear how much of intelligence is actually hereditary.
4) IQ is not intelligence. It is a proxy we generally accept as an indicator of intelligence. IQ essentially measures mathematical and verbal reasoning, which is important especially in school but, for example, doesn't cover managing not looking like a petty [email protected] towards one's wife and son.