By Anonymous - 13/08/2009 23:14 - United States

Today, I went to the eye doctor. He tells me that I've developed a severe allergy to contact lenses and must stop wearing them immediately. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't just visited him a week earlier, paid for a new prescription and ordered a year's worth of brand new lenses. FML
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kellster 2

This just happened to me, too! I'm so sorry! And no, everyone, you can't return them, no matter how unopened/unused the contacts are!


Try to check these things first, and try to get a free sample pack before ordering any amount of contact lenses. Edit: First.

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I don't care that you're first. No one does. Unlucky for you though. #welovetheNHS

and we can all see you're first, there's no need to mention it

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Congratulations! That's the biggest achievement in your life, #1... FYL OP...that really sucks. I hope you get a refund.

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I don't know what number I'm gonna be, but at least I'm 5th read. Anyway, BEFORE YOU RETURN THE CONTACTS. try changing the solution. You might be allergic to something in the solution, not the contacts.

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Sue your doctor, sue him big time.

If they're unopened you can return them.

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it's just like a tradition to say first. he's not accually gloating. lol dumbasses but yeah that ****** sux. i agree with who ever the **** said change the contact solution. fyl indeedy

I care if he's First!, andybme, you are my idol.

Yeah they will probably give you a refund.

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damn. that sucks, like a lot

omg that sucks, didn't you first get free trial contact lenses to see if they fitted?

grovervac3000 15

Hate to be a Grammar Nazi... It's fit, not fitted.

Glasses look better anyway. c: Can you cancel the order/send them back?

I did the same thing. I also have a severe allergy, but mine was curable. You may have the same thing. The only problem is you have to get a couple different eye drop prescriptions and both are $150 or so because they dont make generics yet. If you fix it you can wear those contacts eventually :) good luck!


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