By torturedears - 05/04/2013 04:20 - United States - Beverly Hills

Today, I went to work at a hotel. One of the guests decided to play the piano in the lobby. He's deaf. Unfortunately, I'm not. FML
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*Prepares for flood of Beethoven comments*

Some just can't Handel the music, don't worry it'll be Bach.


Hey! Beethoven was deaf!

true, but Beethoven became deaf after years of playing anyway and had already mastered the piano. He was past the point of needing to hear the notes.

I believe he started going deaf when he was 30 and was completely deaf the last decade of his life. That many of his best pieces were composed during that period is a testament to his brilliance.

I take it he was no Beethoven?

I'm in college as a music major. I hope you survived somehow. Who knows that kid is probably Kesha's song writer.

Yeah.... To me, anybody singing off key, playing an instrument harshly is really is painful for me to listen to. It's not my choice to like or dislike whatever the other person is doing. It is my sense of tone that kills me to listen to it. That is why you will never catch me at a karaoke bar or a talent show. For an example it'd be like a person with OCD and there was a deck of cards scattered on the ground. They couldn't ignore it and had to straighten it up. Hope this helped understand my comment.

*Prepares for flood of Beethoven comments*

Mads_1234 28

Don't worry, I'll be Bach.

I'm sure you can Handel it.

at least he wasnt Heiden in the corner

Gee OP. get off your high horse. If he is deaf, he must have felt the music somehow, maybe through the vibration of the instrument. It's not everyone who can access a piano for free. Give him a break.

Beethoven had to remove the legs from his piano and sit on the floor in order to feel the vibrations from the instrument.

Give him a break, he probably had a rough day working at a daycare.

Perhaps you should get the child from one of the recent FML's to stab you in the ears with a thermometer.

You beat me to it xD

Don't worry OP, soon you will be deaf too.

I read this in a very evil voice!

Some just can't Handel the music, don't worry it'll be Bach.