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Today, I went to work at a chemotherapy clinic. After explaining to a patient about the risks and benefits of chemotherapy for his underlying metastatic lung cancer, he asks is it OK to smoke during chemotherapy. FML
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Wow. Someone either really wants to die, or they're just plain stupid. >.>

Yeah, it is. Smoke kills the cancer-cells right?


Wow. Someone either really wants to die, or they're just plain stupid. >.>

Let the guy smoke so you won't have to deal with him anymore.

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he should just go die cause he has lung cancer already probably because he smokes and he never no his lung cancer can get even more severe

Yeah, it is. Smoke kills the cancer-cells right?

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if he's on oxygen and smokes, the oxygen will catch fire possibly.

not possibly. it will! i've seen, eh heard, it happen.

Oxygen doesn't burn. And I know you have to understand chemistry for that to make sense.

aardvarkish is correct. Time to take Chemistry fml'ers! No seriously, do it, its fun. Go do it now. There are some neat vids on YouTube, spend your afternoon surfing through it and be bad ass smart the next day. As the rate limiting reactant, additional introduction only increases the reaction rate (ie, burning). Inhaled smoke is merely the product of the 'fire' reaction and is in and of itself not further combustible.

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Oxygen doesn't burn but rather allows fuels to burn. Pure oxygen = better fire.

Then please explain to me why we had to bring a patient to a 'burn'-hospital because mr. thought it would be fine to lit a smoke while his oxygen was on, causing his face to pretty much blow up? no lies, i've heard it and then saw it.

The oxygen must have built up in the area surrounding where he lit the cigarette (presumably his face). With such an abundance of oxygen, the cigarette burned faster and hotter, producing temperatures sufficient to burn the individual in your anecdote. This does not mean oxygen burns, however. (not trying to be an ass, just answering your literal question "then explain to me how")

Thank you for explaining, i guess he was a special man. It did look quite disturbing though, so i figured oxygen and fire together create a big bang.

@Longing ... what? I'm from the US. What does 'splint' mean in the UK? This has nothing to do with stability, but everything to do with availability. The regular air you and I breathe is only 21% oxygen (78% Nitrogen). Fire, or any combustion reaction, relies on oxygen as a part of the reaction. It also happens to be in shortest supply. By increasing the availability of the rate limiting reactant (oxygen) you increase the rate of the reaction and as a result the amount of heat produced per unit of time. In the case of pure oxygen (100%) we're talking five times the rate of the combustion reaction... for all intents and purposes.

...and actually, if the man merely moved his breathing mask to the side and the oxygen was being pumped through said mask it would be like blowing on a fire ... only again, with 100% oxygen, not 20%. There's your burn factor right there!!

Some people are just plain cretinous.

Yeah, now you see why I didn't try to explain it. I would have to back up and define combustion and oxidization.

Technically a splint in this case is just a thin piece of wood, they're not the same as matches, they have no potential source of ignition of their own.

splint /= matches OK, great, now I'M confused. At least we cleared up the whole oxygen burns things problem. And everyone is one step closer to searching for 'combustion reaction' the next time they are on youtube.

Think thin strip of wood that was essentially something to use to do the hydrogen/oxygen test tube tests with. Sometimes you have to use one to light a bunsen burner because that way your hand is further away from the bunsen.

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Hedgerow the cigarettes (I assume cigarettes cause they are legal) are most likely what caused his lung cancer so no the smoke from them won't kill the cancer cells it will make it worse.

That's what Scientologists think, actually.

To have a fire you need oxygen, fuel and a spark. The oxygen isn't the fuel.

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He likely knows his odds of survival. At this point it may not matter and cigarettes are obviously one of his primary coping mechanisms. At least he was in a good mood op.

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he's getting paid either way, doesn't sound like a waste to me.

Ah. So you really think that that guy don't care about his health? It's not because he's so terribly addicted he cannot stop smoking, that he doesn't give a **** about his life. My grandpa smokes for fifty years now and whatever the doctors might say, he will never quit. He's addicted and doesn't bother about it too much. He prefers a shorter life with a cigarette than a longer without one. But he does care about his life.

All I can say is I went through Chemotherapy and it was so horrible that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I then had to go through radiation that literally burned my skin... I have NEVER even tried a cigarette... you know what it feels like to go through that horror and then HAVE to walk through a cloud of smoke to just get out of a building or people in general smoking in public......................................

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wooow what an idiot but why is that and fml?!??

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This isn't a FML. This simply shows how stupid people are.

He has less than 6 months to live. Are you worried he's going to get another lung cancer before his first cancer kills him? Shut the **** up and let the dead man walking enjoy his last meal.

I agree too. I get annoyed by people like OP, he/she doesnt get cancer from the patient (fu second hand smoke) and its not her/his life but the patients life. booya!

2nd smoke is in some cases worse then smoking urself. but if the guy wants to smoke it's his choice....

If you're having problems these days with second hand smoking you're standing too close to people outside. which is freaky. if its your parents smoking... fyl!

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Agreed. If he is already past the point of no return, there is no reason to make him even more miserable with nicotine withdrawals. If there is a likely chance of recovery, however, kick him in the nuts & tell him to wise up.

Awardzu, the median life expectancy for metastatic lung cancer is 8 months (not 6 like I said earlier), and the 5-year survival rate is 3%. Recovery is highly unlikely. I'm a huge anti-smoking advocate, but in this case, the damage is done.

I simple move away from anyone who lights up... it smells so bad and I rather not be exposed to it.

have we forgotten about third hand smoke?

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Curious Doc, If the cancer has metastasized, and he only has a few months to live, what's the point of going through the misery of chemo? OP, you could always tell him to slap a few nicotine patches on if the clinic has a no smoking policy

Red, good question. If he has mets to his bones, chemotherapy and/or radiation can palliate the pain and may prolong life by a few (usually) miserable weeks or months.

I'm right with Doc on this one. My girlfriend just went through treatment for cancer, and the sight of people hooked up to drips, standing outside the cancer wards smoking used to freak me out, but - really - what's it going to do, give them cancer? This guy is screwed to within a statistical margin of error - why make his remaining time just that little bit crappier because someone wants to get moralistic about his vices?

Maybe just explain to him the risks of cancer that smoking have. It be that he doesn't actually know the risks. It might be that he just doesn't give a crap, and whilst it's irritating, there isn't anything you'll be able to do. It might also be that he was joking.

well, if he was joking, he'd say, and it would no longer be an FML. And there's no way he can be a smoker without people telling him to stop. so he is just annoying. 

Alas, the only cure is a bullet to the brain. lol

Or some extra cigarettes. while wearing a oxygen-mask.

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Why thank you... Oh. You weren't talking to me?