By Anto - 03/12/2008 06:11 - France

Today, in front of a hospital, I noticed that an old lady was having trouble lighting her cigarette because she had Parkison's. So I went to help her to light it up and she then started chatting with me and told me she had lung cancer. FML
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Meh, she would have done it anyway, right? So don't feel bad about helping her. It's more like F her Life


Eir_fml 1

Meh, she would have done it anyway, right? So don't feel bad about helping her. It's more like F her Life

I'd say it's more like she deserves it for smoking... but OP, don't feel bad, you were just trying to help

Same with #3.. she was gonna smoke it anyways.. with or without your help once she got it lit.. Not your fault at all.. So don't worry about it, it was her choice anyways.

Don't feel bad ... she wanted a cigarette. It would be different if you were somehow forcing her or something.

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you didn't give her the cigarette. **** it. not fml worthy.

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Meh, she's probably gonna cdie from the lung cancer, so I say let the woman have a cigarette....

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its more like F her life, not yours.

People like that deserve to die of lung cancer, not those innocent people who breathe in second hand smoke or have a genetic predisposition to cancer. To live in this age and not know that smoking causes cancer, and to continue smoking after you get cancer, is basically spitting on life.

It's an old woman-she could have started smoking before anyone realized how damaging it was, back when it was 'cool', and then, once she was old with lung cancer, didn't have the determination to quit.

They deserve to die? What the **** is wrong with you?

They deserve to die because they are doing everything possible to give themselves a fatal disease. Smoking is a choice, and for those thinking of saying that it's 'hard to quit', put on your grown-up pants, quit whining, and use a little willpower.

You do realise it's harder to give up smoking cigarettes than it is giving up heroin, right? On top of that, the government will offer rehab for addictions to almost anything other than tobacco. Why don't you pull the stick out of your ass and be a grown up like the rest of us and live and let live?

And people who continue to be ***** deserve the back lashing they cop. Most lung cancers are terminal, who the hell would go through painful withdrawl symptoms when they're dieing anyway?