By Steephx0 - 22/03/2017 02:00

Today, I found out the "free" protein bars at my gym are actually for a fundraiser for children's cancer. I've been taking one every day for the past two weeks. FML
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it was an accident. just make a favorable donate to their cause. it would terrible if you didn't and left them thinking the bars were stolen

On behalf of the children, thank you for your pledge of a very generous donation

And there you were, thinking the leukemia statistics on the wrappers were there just you get you energized and excited.

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I think the issue might be that the OP can't or doesn't want to pay for them. 14 bar might get pricey depending on how much each costs.

shouldn't have just taken them then. I'd never assume something was free, seems a strange assumption to make, especially as there'll have been a donation box or something similar

I don't mind paying for them at all! I donated $50 (suggested donation was $2/bar). I just felt like a dick and a dumbass for thinking they were free. I explained it better in my other comment but they weren't labeled, apparently it's an annual fundraiser everyone knows about and it's the first one they've held since I joined.

Maybe after hearing about the shitheads who steal their fundraising candy, they'll be ok with checking out early.

I'm going to assume each bar is between $1-$5, either you owe $14 or you owe $70