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Today, I went to the doctor for a sports physical. I've had a giant, dark birthmark on my left rib cage that I've hated most of my life. Recently I've learned to embrace it and show it off by wearing bikinis. My doctor saw it today and told me it's a fungus that's been spreading on my side all my life. FML
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I agree..if she's old enough to start strutting around in a bikini, I'm sure she's had some kind of physical exam in her life. If she's had the fungus growing her WHOLE LIFE, either another doctor would have noticed, or this new doctor doesn't know what he's talking about

  BLNovelist  |  0

Same way none of my doctors ever noticed I had a partial cleft pallet until I, 11, 12 years old, even though most if not all had been looking in my mouth at some point or another. They just fail at being doctors -shrugs-

  springbirder  |  0

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  VioletteSkies  |  0

I think I know what she's talking about as well and it does look similar to a birthmark.

And also, she said she had basically been hiding it for years. So maybe she never really looked at it close enough. I have a scar on my arm that I never look at because I constantly try and hide it since I hate it. If she never really looked at it and if the growth was extremely slow, it is possible, if not improbable, that she never noticed it.
If her other doctors asked her about it, she told them it was just a birthmark and usually the patient knows more about things like birthmarks than the doctor so the doctors probably just trusted her.

  theta_fml  |  0

Dermatology is not a very simple area so unless a doctor had a particular interest in that area it may be difficult for them to notice without close examination.

  kirby229  |  0

Agreed. Physical examinations are with general doctors, who commonly know little about dermatology. They probably didn't even look at it closely in consideration of the OP's feelings. I mean if you were at the pool and saw the OP in the bikini and saw this fungus you wouldn't come up and ask what's wrong with her side or start examining it. You ignore it to respect the person's feelings.

  that_guy321  |  2

a hole in your heart's a little different
that's not discovered unless you get a catscan or whatever

a fungus growing on your side, even if it grows slowly and looks like a birthmark and is mostly hidden, should still be noticed by a doctor

  Aeiou202  |  0

I agree I have this friend that went on vacation and he got this fungus that you could BARELY see and no one noticed it but his dad being a doctor told him about it as soon as he got home, I guess some can just spot it better than others. (It was on his arm if anyone cares)

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

I've seen babies in bikinis. She could be 8. You need sports physicals when you're 8. But I seriously doubt that this doctor is telling the truth, because if no other doctor said anything about it, it's probably not fungus and he wants to make more money off of her.

  HanBroman  |  20

#123 I agree, I was confused. what is a physical examination exactly? I've never had my doctor ask to see under my shirt... unless she had another condition why would he be looking there? Or is that common in the US? seems a bit weird to me.