By weldingmachine217 - 16/11/2015 21:47 - United States - Blanchard

Today, I went to the bowling alley. I have short, stubby fingers, and as I looked for a bowling ball that would fit my hand properly, an old man watched me searching, and approached asking, "Is that how you are with women? Fingering them, tossing them in the gutter, and looking for another?" FML
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He sounds awesome

Old people are awesome


Old people are awesome

He sounds awesome

My grandfather once asked when I'm getting married because I'm starting to "look like an old cow" I'm 22. Gotta love old people

Not to be a creep or anything, but you look nice. (Don't worry, i'm not even 15 yet :p )

when you have to say "not to be a creep or anything", its prolly just best to not say anything at all

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Totally being a creep and everything, but I'd milk you. (Don't worry, I'm not even close to 15 anymore :p )

i like you #53

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Well, at least yours fingers don't look like prunes.

Love when old people just don't care anymore about what people think and say what they want. His life must be so amusing :)

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My dad does the same thing too but at least he says weird crazy stuff to people he knows. I think people get to a certain age where they have no filter and will say just about anything to unsuspecting people. I'll guess I'll lose my filter sooner or later. Here's to getting old! (Pass out whiskey shots!)

Grand pa is that you ?

have some respect for those bowling ball holes!

He's a keeper.

Creepy grandpa strikes again haha