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Today, I learned I made the dean's honor list for my college for the first time since attending. I asked my dad if he was proud of me, to which he replied, "when you're as successful as your brother, I'll be proud." My brother is a Chippendale's dancer. FML
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Okay, just made my profile. One of you asked what my degree will be in. Right now I'm working on a B.S. in Animal Science and will be trying to get my DVM after that. Also, my brother is a male model and has done a lot of work, but tried college for 1 year. All of you who think this is fake, it WAS exaggerated but what he truthfully said was insinuating that my brother is successful and I am a waste of air until I get my degree. My dad isn't an asshole, but my brother does seem to be his golden child. Honestly, I am not bothered by the comment my dad made, I just found it to be funny when he said it. It is true that male models and Chippendales dancers can make a TON of money, but my brother is not at that level exactly. He is doing a stage production of Chippendales ( I'm very proud of him, and as for the ladies wanting his number, I'm sorry, he's married. Thanks for the remorse, the empathy, and the doubt. This site is fun, right?!

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soo whats your brothers number?

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I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic.


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I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic.

Hey OP, you spelled "Doctor" wrong.

^ if you try and troll be elaborate with it, op never type the word doctor

Looks like your brother is the favourite of the family. O:

HAHAHHA yeah i never get the satisfaction of job well done from my parents as well

soo whats your brothers number?


well at least the bar is set low...

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Either your dad is being sarcastic or your making it up. I hate when people post stupid shit

shut the **** up ****

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Sounds like your dad was joking.

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He probably has a point. I bet those dancers make a lot of money.

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POLE-dancers, that is.

Your brother must be huge. Good for him.

Work harder. You must surpass your brother!