By hayah - 21/02/2010 06:08 - France

Today, I decided to not go to a strip club for the second Saturday in a row, because I didn't want to appear desperate in front of the strippers. FML
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how the **** do these fmls even get accepted :/

but you are desperate and why would you care what a dirty stripper thinks of you?


Yeah, you're a pussy. YDI, mate. Get a life.

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No not pocket pussy. Some "hand" lotion.

hahaha!!! ahhhh these comments are great. i don't think fml would be anything w/o the comments.

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dude really you're afraid of the strippers judging you because you go there a lot? just letting you know they already are judging you for being there in the first place...

First of all, u need to get a life. Second of all, u need to get a girlfriend. Period.

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no by hand lotion get laid. end of story.

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no not hand lotion get foot lotion

Wow the OP is an asshole. He didn't go to that charity event to help girls pay their way through community college. YDI for not donating to people in need.

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dammit killpro you just made sirin kill 10 babies!

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@26 , u ****** up the comment chain reaction bitch !

#57 WTF r u like the pope or something charity is not all you should do with your money

#1 and 2're both LAME.. and so is OP.

Yeah. What's wrong with saying first if you're first. As long a you say something relate to the post, it's ok. I hate when people say no one cares because everyone does. That's why people reply to the first comment, not replying to the comment, but for their comment to be seen.

I did reply to their comment(s) ..and I didn't say no one cares.. people obviously do ..because clearly you'd wet yourself if you got the chance to say FIRST.. I just think it's lame ..and I'm entitled to give my opinion. KTHNX

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idk who is more pathetic.. #1

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nmsm everyone knows when you shout first! sirin kills 10 babies

how the **** do these fmls even get accepted :/

but you are desperate and why would you care what a dirty stripper thinks of you?

You only have one strip club? Are you Amish or sommat?

well there are some towns where there is only one strip club. heck maybe none at all. weird I know

Srsly? What do the single moms do for work?

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Do you REALLY think the strippers care at all? Seriusly...

do u reli think the strippers would even remember a sorry ass like u?

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because strippers aren't desperate at all...

On a very technical level, they aren't. Pole/exotic dancing is considered to be a very difficult art that probably takes quite some time to master. Although if it's just stripping, then no: that's desperate.

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Because noone who is desperate ever oes to a strip club.... The part where OP fails is that he actually cares what the strippers think of him - like he has a chance with one if them.

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Hey for them it's another day at the "office"... If you're paying, and you're not the creepiest ************ in there, they don't really care how desperate you are... Actually, they probably consider desperation directly proportional to the money they take home.