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Today, I went to my dentist of four years. After the cleaning, the hygienist and I scheduled my next appointment, and she briefly left the room, leaving my file open on the computer. The data in a field called "NOTE" caught my eye: "Sissy. Freak. Always late. Ask about family or will flirt." FML
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perdix 29

When they tell you to open your mouth, you shouldn't start flicking your tongue around while bursting into tears. Do one or the other, but not both.


twinkletoes747 16

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She probably wouldn't like it either way.

So she's just supposed to up and accept unwanted flirting?

Hmm 48, looks like you need to lay off the ****.

Says the guy named twinkletoes... (or girl idk takes too long to load profile)

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Yes, looking at his file on her computer WAS rude and unprofessional. I bet you over half the places you visit that personally deal with members of the public have their own "Notes" column to describe prior encounters at a glance and remind what to expect/how to act. Somewhere my mom worked had a column for little brown asteriscs (asterixes?) to denote if the person is an ass hole.

Actually, it's pretty common for doctors, or anyone in the medical field to keep notes like that. It might come off as unprofessional, but that's how they remember things about each patient. Besides, OP really shouldn't be flirting with the dentist, that's just weird.

Mister_Triangle 21

This practice is common across many industries; pizza delivery drivers do something similar for households depending on how well they tip. For something as personal as a doctor, I see it as a good thing because it allows them to tailor their behavior to give you the best experience. Besides, anything bad written there is your own fault

When I worked at an auto center we used those to remember certain things that customers did or didn't want done to their cars. It was used to cut down on the number of fits customers would throw. Also, we used it to make notes if someone made threats or acted Inappropriately.

Life_sucks_13 6

A lot of places do that. It warns other people who go to work with that client. If someone is extremely rude and someone who isn't used to it or new to that practice gets screamed at by that client they may not know how to handle it very well. So if it's noted on file they could have someone who is used to dealing with hard clients and knows how to control a situation like that without throwing the new person to the wolves.

Next time you're in there just walk up to the counter and say,I'm the late sissy that likes to flirt,and I'm here for my appointment. And make sure that whoever's office it is is there to watch them pull up the notes.

Hotel industry has that note system on the computer also. Prevents alot of problems.

Kn0wledge123 21

I work front desk at a condominium. We do exactly the same thing for each resident. That's how I know which one is a paycho and which one is a board member.

Are you stupid? Patients have a LEGAL RIGHT to see their own medical records! If he demanded to see HIS records and saw those comments, then that is his LEGAL RIGHT. She shouldn't be putting rude notes into his medical records, considering the fact that they legally belong to him!

Also, don't forget to drill it through your head next time OP.

He should definitely extract some wisdom from this experience.

Bravo, that was a good one XD He should also watch his mouth next time and not flirt tooth much...

I think OP needs to find the root of the situation and get his molars straight.

Don't expect sugary treatment from your dentist.

I am sure OP thought he was toothexy flirting with the dentitht.

HeyArnold91 8

You should fill in your dentist's note with thoughts of your own.

Kn0wledge123 21

Well this pun run took a turn for the worse...I don't have a clever tooth pun. That's it.

flockz 19

this thread of puns was almost plaque worthy.

Boygenius50 8

If it's not too late I could drill in a pun or two.

kriz_allizwell 6

Relax OP it was only acci dental..

You should probably swish to a different dentists office. I know a great one in Floride-a with great cre-dentals!

Go for it, 68. We'll keep you on retainer.

I have one last one! :P I think OP should retainer "advice"

61 - he was using a fake word. You can't misspell a fake word. He may have not spelled it the way you would have but that doesn't make it wrong.

97- puny is pronounced pew-nee, and means "small,weak". If you misspell a fake word, and thus make it into a real word, that's still a misspelling.

102- no the word was punny, as in a funny pun. Not puny.

The person 102 was correcting spelled it punie. They deserved to be corrected at that horrible attempt at spelling a fake word

102 - he wasn't trying to say puny, therefore your argument is irrelevant. Pun plus funny was the attempted word.

Oh my god, more illiterates. The person 102 corrected attempted to say "punny" but failed and spelled "punie" which is far closer to puny than punny and could be pronounced as puny with ease. 102's correction was not only valid, but correct in my book because it's hard to accidentally type punie.

I'm pretty sure "lern 2 sple" isn't correct. Practice what you preach, buddy

#133- that was the joke. He corrected the other person's spelling of punny and then spelled everything else wrong on purpose.

SarahSehhati 40

No one? No one at all? okay if I must...... CCCCCCC-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!!!!!! :)

The only thing unprofessional was that the receptionist left the notes open for OP to see.

You are beer supposed to see your file. Because they write down everything about you so future Dr's know what you are like. They will write down if you are late and if you are a pain in the ass to deal with.

xk75 4

What level of professionalism is a chronically late sissy freak who sexually harasses the staff owed?

thatoneguy79 10

77 - while HIPPA may allow a patient to see their own file, leaving your records up on the screen means that I can walk in behind you and see your records, which is the violation here. Having notes about a patient's history and attitude are simply good practice.

Jeez 95 flirting =/= sexual harassment my god

123- When it's constant and unwelcome towards staff, yes, it is sexual harassment to a certain degree.

You may be a freak but at least you have clean teeth

perdix 29

When they tell you to open your mouth, you shouldn't start flicking your tongue around while bursting into tears. Do one or the other, but not both.

"AAUUGGHHHH!! Hey by the way, you look quite lovely in that dr- AAAUUUGGHHHH!!!"

myfmylifemoments 8

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I agree. I cant stand people who cant be professional. Its against scientific ethics to act like that.

Tuesdaythe10th 11

you don't even know if she was the one that wrote the notes. OP has been going there for 4 years!

Seriously? I can understand her maybe making a more professionally-worded note to remind herself that you find dentistry frightening (I do, and I always appreciate a dentist who understands), but sissy and freak? Callous and unprofessional.

4 years - you must have met he about 8 times tops! CUT YOUR LOSSES! Do you want your hard earned money going to this woman??

perdix 29

You make a good point. If the OP likes to be a flirty freak, there's a different kind of professional woman who will appreciate his business, and earn it the hard way ;)

perdix 29

Actually, there are a lot of hot hygienists out there, some of whom are kind enough to press a tit on your face while they scrape some difficult plaque off a molar.