By nevergettingajob - 22/02/2012 18:10 - Canada

Today, after handing in my resume to get a part-time job, I tried leaving, but the door wouldn't open. It was the "in" door. The person I gave my resume to had to slowly explain this to me. FML
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So, when do you start this new gig as a doorman?


Judging how op said that the guy "Slowly explained" I think he left an impression alright... I think he's screwed for the job with THAT type of impression, thus OP should have went out with a bang and said "I'm not ******* retarded I know what a in door is" and left. Depends how slowly the guy explained it which would effect the language used :s

First impressions are key in the physiotherapy business! Or was is 'worst depressions'...?

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Do u care if u die? Get sick? Space travel? I might just have the job for u!

OP was justified in using the "in" door. Perhaps they thought it led INto the hallway.

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A lot of employers get special government incentives for hiring the mentally handicapped. :)

Are you blond? That might be a contributory factor to why he talked so slow. Stupid stereotypes!

Also the fact that s/he went to the wrong door and couldn't figure out why

Don't worry about it man, getting a job is stressful and it sometimes causes us to think incorrectly.. I'm sure people have done worse :P

I don't think it can get much worse than this...

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I once was so nervous at an interview that I told the manager I would do anything for him if he hired me... I didn't realize how inappropriate that sounded until after he gave me a weird look. Yep, didn't get that job.

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I think this isn't so bad compared some of the past FMLs that had to do with job interviews. I mean there was the one where the guy got stoned as **** due to eating "special" brownies, then there was the girl who's job interviewer was some dude she slept with and never called back. So this FML isn't as bad as those but still pretty funny. Hope you get the job OP.

So, when do you start this new gig as a doorman?

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Tell them that you have a tragic disability. A very extreme version of dyslexia, sometimes called: "Imanidiot-ia".

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Sounds like something I would do, but your nerves were probably all worked up and you didn't want to make a fool out of yourself but ended up doing that anyway. Its okay, happens to the best of us. And it doesn't mean you won't get the job.