By cait - 30/04/2009 19:44 - United States

Today, I went to get the Apple store, my Mac had been making a grinding noise from the fan. The guy put his ear to the keyboard and said there was a CD in the drive so I couldn't hear the grinding from the fan. He ejected the CD. It was porn. FML
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not everyone watches **** . this doesn't mean I don't :D but I'm just stating a fact

I'd rather read then watch ****. Then again I'm not single. :)

Same here. It's just not as great as the real thing. I'm glad I'm not single

I literally just laughed out loud.. haha that must have been very embarrassing.

YDI for having it in there XD & #5 - Not everyone watches **** LOL

Thought I got redirected to a 12 year olds MySpace when I read that. **** isnt a multi billion dollar industry because its rare you know. Laaame fml.

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#7 Almost every guy who doesnt have a girlfriend does but wasting money on buying it? thats rather odd unless your into specific things which is understandable but who cares its just a mac guy not like it was your mommy or anything

When I worked at Circuit City this old lady brought in a VCR with a tape stuck in it... I got the tape out, and well, it was ****! Having to hand her back the VCR and the TAPE was basically the funniest thing I've ever had to do! and OP sorry bud, but this isn't an FML... He probably just smiled and handed it back to you!

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So, EITHER you forgot that you had **** in there or somebody just randomly put it in there in hopes you would be dumb enough NOT to check everything out thus taking it to a Mac store where they would find the **** and you would post it here on Fmylife. Hmmm.

YDI 2 reasons: owning a mac, not thinking that one through

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Why did you caps Mac? Lol, macfag can't even talk about the product correctly.