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  Today, I went to babysit. I was told the parents would be gone when I arrived. I went and started playing with the kids. All of a sudden I heard a scream. I opened the parents' door with a knife in hand to find them having sex. I got paid so adults could get laid. While I was there. 6 ft. away. FML
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Being a parent of two, sadly, sometimes you have to do that. it's good after a couple kids they still have it going on, better than it being a horrible relationship that effs up the kiddos!!

  alliewillie  |  22

112 - I don't care how many kids you have, that's stupid. You want to go to a hotel? Fine. Vacation? Fine. Someone else's house? Fine. You don't lie to the babysitter (especially when she could walk in anytime on accident) and tell her you'll be gone, then screw 6 ft. away while she plays with your kids. That's awkward and unsettling to say the least, and unfair up her.

I would have left op and not come back.

By  Indiana_fml  |  4

Whoa, that was pretty dangerous for the parents. If I found two unexpected strangers roaming through a house full of kids I am supposed to protect, I would disable the first one immediately before facing up the other one. One shouldn't surprise people who are left in charge with such a task.

By  Eresbel  |  0

That sucks, but it is their house. It's hard to get time for yourself when you have kids and sometimes you don't want to watch them but you don't want to go out. I've babysat plenty of times while the parent was still at home, chilling. Never caught them having sex, but whatever.