By dannyboy - United Kingdom - Saint Austell
Today, an old lady savagely shoved me out of a queue, after I'd been waiting for twenty minutes. I couldn't bring myself to fight back or say anything, and ended up dragging my sorry arse to the back of the queue. FML
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  Cad6  |  24

There is a logical explanation for this. Clearly this lady (or half beast) had some anger issues, and if the OP retaliated by arguing, she would've probably beaten him senseless with her walking stick.

  Dramori  |  29

Easy revenge opportunity missed - coulda said to her "I would have given you my spot if you'd asked since you're old and going to die sooner than me anyway."

  Geddeson  |  4

There was no way to win in this situation. He makes a scene she playes innocent and then everyone thinks he's trying to take advantage of the elderly / is an asshole. Or he does nothing and wallows in self pity. Either way old lady wins.. Fucking old people...

  cobaltss06  |  1

Who cares if other ppl give u stares?! They probably saw her push u. "treat other ppl how u expect to be treated" so if she pushes u push her back don't be a pussy

  NeatNit  |  32

I really don't see how you would need to go to the back of the line. Even if the fuckhead took your place, you should still be right after her.

  haleyneal  |  0

okaiii soo ppl always comment on a comment that has nothing to do with it and should comment on the actual story im referring to # 50 cuz hes talkn to OP on a comment someone made