By bcoper - 25/06/2012 16:09 - Switzerland - Luzern

Today, my neighborhood had its annual summer barbecue, and I ended up showing a little boy who lives down the street how to hit a baseball. When I gave him back his bat so he could try for himself, he swung it into my shin and yelled, "Tag! You're it!" FML
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That's when you throw your shoe at his face and yell "NO TAG BACKS!" D:

Comments was his form? Did he folloe through?

Yeaaa....posting from a phone isn't exactly conducive to avoiding typos

FML is the most bipolar site on the web! One moment all commenters are getting thumbed up for correcting grammar and spelling and the next time everyone turns against them! You cannot win D:

When it's something like what you did, no one should be correcting you. Any intelligent person could see that you meant "follow", considering you had an "e". It's just one letter away on the keypad. It's good you reread it and saw it. Next time, do that before you hit send and no one would be any wiser. Either way, I'm glad no one jumped on you about it.

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OP atleast he didn't say "keep your eye on the ball" and then proceeded with hitting you in the balls

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49- It's also because he/she didn't try to douche their way out like most who get corrected

-68, honestly? Must you really succumb to the douchebagness in yourself? Typing on a phone using this app is incredibly frustrating. You mistype alot.

And sadly your lesson will never be remembered by that boy. Oh well, time for BBQ!

Well he could go by the kids lesson and hit him back.

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I would've tagged him back in the face

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At least he was enthusiastic about playing

He prolly recalled that one piñata party and thought u were gonna explode with candy.

Kid's got a good tag strategy at least.

That's when you throw your shoe at his face and yell "NO TAG BACKS!" D:

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You didn't spell boulder correct.

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That's when you push him down and run away yelling nooooo your it!