By Anonymous - 24/11/2012 00:49 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, a co-worker asked me if I have a Facebook account, and I said I do. I had to politely smile as he spent the next half hour insulting me for supposedly being glued to it 24/7, before claiming that it's all a CIA front to steal people's social security details. Why are nutjobs like this even alive? FML
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Because, friend, without nutjobs, who do we have to make most FMLs about?

They're alive to troll


They're alive to troll

Damn, OP must have created a facebook account after their last interview ended with them "having something to hide". OP just can't win!

I don't think verbally bashing Facebook is grounds for death. Although, you could've just walked away, or ignored him, or checked your phone, (if you can use a phone at your office, preferably a smart phone) and check your Facebook. If he says, "are you listening to me?" You reply, "Oh, sorry. I was just checking my Facebook."

Anybody else think that as a government agency, the CIA would already have access to Americans' social security details anyway? And as far as social security details for non-Americans, I'm pretty sure the CIA wouldn't give a fuck. Come to think of it, I'm non-American and I don't give a fuck either.

More or less he's a autonomous creature that is a living, breathing, trolling bastard child of the Internet itself.

Some people...

I swear, this sounds like my brother with the "illuminati".

Yeah, and how there the ones who are going to cause 2012 and kill all the non-believers

Speaking of 2012: I think that we should all pretend that the apocalypse really happened in December, make up our own war stories, and put it in text books. Anyone who denies it just had their brain washed by aliens.

40- Yoi and everyone else who's copied and pasted that very idea to their preferred social networking sites over the last three weeks.

All my friends tell me that as well. Pathetic.

I love how your name is 'Voldy', but there's a giant nose in your picture.

I'm special.

I don't suppose your name is Ed?

You guys need to get it right. It isn't the CIA. It is the FBI. They aren't after your social security stuff, they have access to that from a database. They are after information about your everyday life, friends and what you do with your time. They want to make profiles on people. If you are going to be a crazy conspiracy nut at least get the conspiracy correct!

ALL of your friends are like this? FYL, Voldy!

Because, friend, without nutjobs, who do we have to make most FMLs about?

Oh god. At least you were polite I would have started arguing back lol

To bring the truth to the gullible, naive masses. In an insane world, the sane man appears insane.

Indeed. That's actually true. Not the social security part though. Federal agencies such as the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security do monitor certain Facebook accounts. It's all legal because of the Patriot Act.

A guy in the hot dog line at Costco pointed me to Project HAARP. If you're a conspiracy nut (oops, investigator), that'll make you add a few layers of tinfoil to your hat. Notice the public can only get aluminum foil, which is useless against mind-control rays. The gubbermint keeps all the real tinfoil for themselves!

#22 You don't have to part of any agency to monitor facebook accounts. It's at most cyberstalking.

However, in an insane world, the insane man also seems insane.

84-arguably not. it all depends on your point of reference.

Too bad we don't sterilize the stupid and crazy people.

SApprentice 34

7- No. No, please don't joke like that. What's next, forced sterilization of clinically depressed people? Or people with religious beliefs that you don't agree with? That would make you like Hitler.

Yeah we wouldn't want you reproducing

Because you know, people always keep the same views that their parents have.

Read up on eugenics. It's an idea that's common with the crazies... And generally frowned on by everyone else.

Lets sterilize everyone!! Yay!!!

Because unfortunately it's illegal to murder stupid people.

Yeah it's a good thing though, since we'd probably miss you so much.

28, if it happened to you, I'd be out of a job since you need someone to wipe the drool off your chin

I'm happy for you and your drool wiping career!

Maybe he slipped away from the asylum down the street.

Because its illegal to kill them. XD