Today, I ate an apple. My sister then walks in dressed as a witch, and asks, "Have you seen my poisoned apple?" She was playing at Snow White, and the apple had been dipped in the toilet, the cat's food bowl and the garbage can. FML
By dorianseiji / Wednesday 11 March 2015 20:37 / France
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By  ThatOtherMegan  |  30

That's so gross, OP! Hopefully it didn't taste too bad if you ate the whole thing?

  Jinxsie  |  27

The only apple that should go in the toilet is the leftever waste when it gets converted into poop. Otherwise, who puts an apple in a toilet?

*inserts bad iPhone joke*

By  WitEluded  |  13

I always thought it would be fun to celebrate holidays six months early/late, just to see people's reactions.

Halloween in March results in this kind of stuff happening. Just imagine if your sister had actually gone trick or treating. With no competition from other kids, all the candy would be hers!

  Anikaaaaa  |  31

Not every country celebrates halloween. For me it was "carnaval" 3 days of dressing up mid february. Going trick or treating on halloween would never get me candy. Kids like to dress up regardless of what day it is anyway