By bear92 - 19/06/2009 04:25 - United States

Today, I went outside a friend's house to find that my car had been saran wrapped. I cleaned it up and went back inside the house. An hour later, I heard a doorbell ring so I went outside the house. They saran wrapped my car again. FML
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Ringmaster1 0

Ok, you really should have expected them to re-do it the moment you turned your back. (first)

FBIWarning 0

awesome ******* people, that's who.

Gumblebum100 0

haha yea and I'm guessing not a lot of people like you... good luck with that

Blacksabbath211 9

My neighbor TPd my car, then put sticky notes all over it a few weeks later.

That is ******* awesome. You got owned twice.

#4 saran wrapping someones car means you put saran wrap all over there car. Saran wrap sucks when it's hot out and it doesn't allow you to get into your car.

well, at least you know what a shotgun is, wait by a window for them, then give them a 12 gauge suprise >:)

Random_Poster 0

I can already think of at least three People I am going to do this too!

saran wrap the entrance to their house like 2 times n ring the doorbell

cd_130 0

Haha that funny me and some team mates done that before to my wrestling coachs car well were at a tournament didn't see it coming like you LOL !

That's* some team mates and I* did* coaches* while?* and I don't know what the last part even means.

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! you fool, twise ;D

soccergirl37 0

Who has the time and money to buy that much saran wrap? Seriously. Sounds like you should move to a new neighborhood.

stephyvengeancex 0

Lmao Ikr. They must have an awful lot of time on their hands to do that twice haha. That really sucks for you man.

plenty of people have $5 and 20 minutes to waste.. you that poor?

how annoying! saran wrap their car and see how they like it