By fuck you dad - 30/03/2013 18:17 - Ireland - Carrickmacross

Today, my dad yet again uttered the words "well, that escalated quickly," while watching the news. He uses this godforsaken meme multiple times a day. I lost my shit and told him to just shut up already. He raised an eyebrow and said, "well, that escalated quickly." FML
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theberndttoast 8

You* And I don't blame op.. Like everything else it gets old fast..

Man, if only there were some button you could press to express this thought without commenting...

I agree with #1. The irony made me laugh too.

However annoying, telling your parent to 'shut up'; where's the respect these days?

OP needs to rub some dirt on it. If I talked to my parents that way when I was younger, I sure as hell wouldn't be here to write this. Get over it OP and learn some respect.

At least #1 did not say... Well, that escalated quickly.....

#25 thank you.... Some of my faith in humanity has been restored

AllThatHit 7

40 you're right 1 didn't say that, but 2 did

Did you ever think that maybe...I don't know...things were escalating rather quickly? And he was just stating the obvious. Loosen up OP, he will find a new catch phrase soon.

25- I don't believe you should be require to respect someone just because you're related or they raised you. My boyfriend (just to use an example) lives with and was raised by his dad, who happens to be a drunk, neglectful, occasionally violent asshole. He doesn't deserve respect just because he gave half the genes of a person. We don't know that OP's parents deserve respect at all.

^^^ Well... That got up voted quickly.

30 - well that also got up .... *gets shot in the head

Well...this is all getting VERY annoying quickly..

olpally 32

Try taking the stairs, but things won't escalate as quickly.

moonsalt 20

44- You made my day with that comment. I Lol'd so hard.

Does nobody know that in the actual movie The Anchorman that he didn't even say "Well, that escalated quickly"? He says "BOY, that escalated quickly".

AndelleRae 9

Hahaha. My dad would do the same thing.

Trisha_aus 15

Cuze nobody in the world has similar personalities right?

Cuze?? As in, excuze me pleaze, I wanna cheezeburger?

Cuze I DO WHAT I WANT! *runs around throwing bad grammar everywhere*

Or maybe "Waddup cuze!" But even thats pushing it...

BubbleGrunge 18

#84 I upvoted you for downvoting, if that makes you happy

Haha your dad is epic! You don't get many people using memes irl :P

I was under the impression that was a good thing.

slappygecko 21

When you say on the contrary, SPECIFY!? If I gave a shit about what you thought, I would be very annoyed right now trying to figure out wtf you meant.

Trix_Disorder 20

I believe he meant: "On the contrary, people hve started to use memes all of the time in real life." Chill dude.

briteone 2

Really, epic for repeating a phrase. He's epic as compared to what- a supernova or a tidal wave.

JellyBalls 18

I saw what you said, then your profile pic and knew you are full of crap.

I have no idea why it's bothering me so much, but it's were*, not are.

I totally feel for you. But you're dad is also pretty funny...

Unless you're blind, it was your fault.

What does being blind have to do with it? Nice try 35.

The fact that if you're actually looking at the screen, you can see the grammatical mistake and fix it before pressing "send". That really is blindingly obvious, if you'll excuse the pun.

Oh I'm sorry if I have a life and don't have all the extra time to double check my work. This is an FML comment, not a college essay. Chill.