By jooshuarr - 18/06/2010 23:09 - Spain

Today, while tuning my bass guitar, I noticed a very strange screeching sound. I leaned over to look behind the neck. The biggest string snapped off and cut the side of my face. FML
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Yeah^^ And a very badass story to tell. Or not..

To be attacked by ones guitar IS a badass story to tell :b

missmurderx 8

people will thinkk you're emo,(: lol.

you can say you were fighting a bear and it clawed your face before you strangled it with a fallen tree.

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I smell food. mmmm yummy food sux for you op I LOVE food

spzb 3

" i want a guitar for christmas." "YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!"

did you name it Bon Qui Qui? "Gurrl, I will CUT you"

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lmao one of the best skits on madtv.

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your an idiot n if it's happened to anyone else they're also idiots

I'm assuming you're trying to make yourself feel better since you probably have done something much more stupid.

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It's not that hard to pop a string if you're not careful, I've popped my A string on cello a few times before I got it right, most likely his string was older and popped out of age not stupidity on his part.

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how did she deserve that?! omg, I can totally relate though. ever since I got my uke, I'm scared of that happening. thanks a lot for reaffirming my phobia. gee. xD

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You tuned a string too tight O.O.

Not necessarily. Over time, bass strings can just become weak. The screeching noise OP heard was probably a few of the threads breaking, and it would take a tremendous amount of force to snap a thick-gauge bass string from tightening it alone.

aubreypako 0

my band teacher has done it.

It is not only bass strings that eventually wear out... Any kind of metal string will eventually unravel and even the slightest tuning can make it snap. I've had my A string on my viola snap while I was playing... that hurt like a bitch.

Guitarist76 0

nah the string was prolly like old as shit. or he dosent actually play xD he just has one