By ineedayob - United States - La Mesa
Today, I went for an interview regarding a seasonal position I'd been offered at a grocery store. The manager showed up 45 minutes past the scheduled interview time, cheerfully greeted me, and took me back to his office, just to tell me that they don't hire seasonal help. Ever. FML
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  your_face  |  15

Could be the OP misunderstood the position they were offered. It could have been meant as a part-time position, and the store just doesn't want to hire and train someone for the couple of months a seasonal position implies.

  QuinnyZebrass  |  11

I agree, what kind of manager is 45 minutes late to interview someone? Seems like he didn't really care. It sounds like the time I was offered a job and waited almost 30 minutes on my first day, only for the manager who hired me to finally show up & send me home because she "forgot" they don't hire anyone under 18.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Sounds like my last interview. I showed up ten minutes early, like they told me, and after waiting about twenty minutes I was told that the manager interviewing me was on lunch break and they weren't sure when she'd be back. After another 25 minutes she showed up and told me that she "forgot I had any interviews today."

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

I've had a similar experience where my interview was scheduled during their lunch hour. The whole office was empty and locked. I waited over an hour, and didn't even get an apology.

  evilplatypus  |  38

I'm going to give the manager the benefit of the doubt. It's a grocery store; there's always a bunch of bullsh-- for managers to deal with. Perhaps he had an unruly customer and we'll see his side of the story on Not Always Right in a few days.

  Kazenoe  |  24

I'm thinking OP never was in contact with the manager himself prior to the interview... Otherwise it's hard to imagine why he didn't tell him before, especially if the OP is a student. Seems likely to me it was "offered" to him by someone else entirely - A regular employee/co-manager with different views/manager's relative/common friend etc. etc., who then forgot to pass on the memo. All speculation, but so is assuming the manager is a smelly old buttwipe by default.