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Sounds like you need a better rasor

I'll never understand how little razor cuts can bleed so much. Sorry, OP, the stinging that accompanies the blood isn't fun either.


I would have to say I would have probably freaked the fuck out, blood and I don't get along!

For real? Couldn't have come up with a crappy joke at least.

Nice change, I retract all negative comments because you put thought into your comment.

#10, check #1 profile pic

#22, check the color of the square around #1's profile pic. (it could be his daughter or something)

#28, it's gray, not blue. Which means gender wasn't specified in the profile

#36 It's blue not gray.

this is one hell of an arguement

It is certainly gray.

36 are you colorblind

Sounds like you need a better rasor

What I don't get is that how the fuck don't you notice a hand full of blood!?!?

Actually, it sounds like her razor is a little too good...

Sometimes razor cuts don't even hurt, they just bleed like a little bitch.

Depends, if you have a dull blade you'll have to press harder. I'd recommend a shavette with a feather blade (they make surgical blades).

Time to get a new razor.

That's one close shave she got with that razor!

Sharp blade can cut without hurting at all. Probably not so much in need of a new razor but just care and attention till the blade dulls a bit.

pay attention to what you're doing next time.

Attention has a tax, it's called "distractions". Maybe her checking account had a deficit.

I'll never understand how little razor cuts can bleed so much. Sorry, OP, the stinging that accompanies the blood isn't fun either.

I was shaving once and I seriously took a huge chunk of skin off because I failed to check my razor blade before using it . The skin was about 1 inch long. It was insane. I thought OP maybe had the same thing happen but I'm pretty sure they would have felt that.

I once took off all the skin over my shin bone from the ankle to the knee with a dull razor. The things we do to be attractive. FYL, OP.

I don't think being an idiot has anything to do with being attractive...

How the hell does that even happen?!?!

#66 ...forget it. I'm not even going to waste my time. It actually happens quite fast #73. Once the razor nicks you, it starts shaving off the skin like a cheese cutter. The more dull the blade, the harder you have to press for it to shave right, and the better the chance that you will cut yourself. It bleeds forever and hurts like a bitch.

#43 really? Surely at some point you look while scraping the sharpest thing in your bathroom over your body?

Ah yes. Silky, smooth blood.

damn, I hate getting cut, but im curious at how you didnt feel it knick you

oh ok, that would make sense

I do this all the time and I never felt it until I see the blood. How the heck does that tiny nick bleed so damn much??

Either use more shaving cream, get a better razor, or both! Hopefully you weren't cut too badly, OP!

that's highly uncomfortable. try a five blade razor. they are the best thing ever invented. and be gentler!

and 5 times more chance of cutting yourself too.

Actually having smaller blades closer together distributes pressure, so you're a lot less likely to cut yourself.

Nails! or witch-blade?