By Natalie - 01/04/2011 18:16 - United States

Today, I was out enjoying my daily jog, when out of nowhere, a group of kids in a passing car pelted me with ketchup-filled water balloons. FML
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I woulda attacked them with mustard balloons :P


MissKelly8D 0

sounds like something my friends would do.....sorry OP.://

That's random! Sorry OP that's too bad!

I mean, why didn't he run to 'Ketch' up with them?

Aww, I just seen a comment with this same joke. Shame.

follow them home so u can piss in their wheaties. it's the cool thing to do

KiddNYC1O 20

37- Trying wins you a cookie.

don't worry 34, that joke Is lame anyways

Yeah well I'm the one with the *hypothetical* cookie. :P

No Miss Michaela, but she's got a boiling pot of macaroni with your name on it XD

That's not such a bad thing. I am feeling a bit peckish. ;)

no I know where I am. and I'm not a kid I'm a puppy ya little bitch

you are a kid bec you still want to play pretend time and act like a puppy

^ r you trying ti **** with me? go screw off before I get the boiling macaroni and throw it on your pedophile face ya little *****.

sum1 needs to be put down at the pound

so did the balloon have ketchup and water?? b/c I don't recall hearing about ketchup water balloons.. unless it was blood.?

congrats , puppy! ah, I remember my first time :')

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lmao @107 I just love you and your comments...

You'll forget all about that when you get third degree burns all over your face from her macaroni Michaels XD jk

kartilino you are a ****** weirdo. stop stalking that miss bunny. you ****** comment on everything she and any other girl says. and get rid of that ugly ass beard. hha

kala_lanier 2

I thought that I was the only person who noticed.

who the hell is kartilino? anyways, the kids now have ti explain to their parents why theres no ketchup in the house

i realized, your name is natalie, why would guys that can drive pelt a girl with ketchup? youre probably not attractive or fat but you do jogs because they make you feel good which is why you had to add in DAILY. so youre probably fat therefore making yourself an easy target YDI For being an easy target or... you could be old...

notice it said KIDS not boys. maybe since she called them kids then shed probably about 25-40 an the "kids" probably 15-18 so yeah..

jokes on them, they wastes alot of money on ketchup for 30seconds of lol's.

Yes, ketchup is indeed very, very expensive. How stupid they are, they should've filled them with caviar.

They coulda filled it with gold flake. Sure you'd suffer head injuries, but gold is worth a lot you know.

cause you're not smart enough to spell "geniuses" correctly.

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# 2 that will make a good story someday

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#70 u just gave me a good idea :)

they could have filled them with cement. that's like 1 whole day of lols! :D

78- why not your brain ? it doesn't function anyways =

64, watch it, dude. I have a small macaroni posse on here. no lie. I'm kid of a big deal.

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#82 dang, dude thats harsh.... my brain does work!!!

was that your puppy? if yes. I'm sorry ^^

hmm.. WTF my comment was for comment number one.. -.-

I think 82 meant to comment about 79's post.

Your picture is absolutely amazing. I am in love with Drake oh my goodness... < 3 I'm sure this is going to get moderated. oh well...

i love your picture! I <3 little girlz!

119 stop being a hoe, dude. leave before I put ice down your pants and crush your squirrel balls.

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I just noticed I spelled Nazi's natzi's on my profile.... fail?

156 that guy I just bitched at has gone out of his way on all my comments just to say that. so momma bunny retaliated. sorry y'all.

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i don't like stalkers, they're like all watchin' no rapin'

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how would one fill a bunch of water balloons with ketchup?

that's Texas kiddies for ya! aww they're so considerate :)

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why would it get moderated

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lol I lk how u knew I meant u! u look exactly lk Kesha! but that's creepy, there are lots of creeps on this site.

207 haha, well I get it all the time. and yes, yes there are.

noobgang7 5

Yes, it's quite an epic story actually. As she stood there covered in ketchup, she pulled a grappling hook from off her shoulder - I mean, you never know when it will come in handy - and began to chase after the car. Knowing that should wouldn't be able too keep up, she knocked her neighbor's son off his skateboard and once again continued after the car. She through the trapping hook through the air and it attached onto the bumper of the car. She pulled herself closer until she eventually reached the back of the car. She jumped onto the trunk of the car and up onto the roof, then ripped open the skylight and hopped into the car. Now she finally had her chance, and violently beat the driver's face in...

noobgang7 5

Threw* the grappling* hook. If only I could edit on my iPod.

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FYL because your a douche. and probably have no friends. I don't think OP wants to be fat? do they. no.

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go watch bloodcurdling grandpa sex bitch!^

Bet they had more fun than you ever did. At least it'll wash off.

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Just a few kids living up there young life. Reminds me of myself a few days a go

Oh the joys of being young.. I hope you chased them for a while, would have been better exercise than usual because of the motivation to kick their asses.

hahahaha... good take on it. Everyone would get a good adrenaline rush if OP gave chase.