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  trick619  |  0

kartilino you are a fuckin weirdo. stop stalking that miss bunny. you fuckin comment on everything she and any other girl says. and get rid of that ugly ass beard. hha


i realized, your name is natalie, why would guys that can drive pelt a girl with ketchup? youre probably not attractive or fat but you do jogs because they make you feel good which is why you had to add in DAILY. so youre probably fat therefore making yourself an easy target

YDI For being an easy target

or... you could be old...

  noobgang7  |  5

Yes, it's quite an epic story actually. As she stood there covered in ketchup, she pulled a grappling hook from off her shoulder - I mean, you never know when it will come in handy - and began to chase after the car. Knowing that should wouldn't be able too keep up, she knocked her neighbor's son off his skateboard and once again continued after the car. She through the trapping hook through the air and it attached onto the bumper of the car. She pulled herself closer until she eventually reached the back of the car. She jumped onto the trunk of the car and up onto the roof, then ripped open the skylight and hopped into the car. Now she finally had her chance, and violently beat the driver's face in...